Welp, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Bathing Suits Are a Thing You Can Buy now

Photo Credit: BagsOfLove

Looking for the perfect gift to give that special anglophile in your life? Boy, have we got news for you!

An online printing service called “Bags of Love” can print just about anything on a bathing suit, and they’ve decided to show it off by printing the royal family’s faces on some swimwear. Don’t worry, the results are only slightly nightmarish.

If you feel like getting some strange looks/compliments at the pool this summer, one of these unique bathing suits can be yours for around $38.

Photo Credit: BagsOfLove

Ah, yes. I have always wished my stomach had the mouth, nose, and eyes of Prince Harry.

Photo Credit: BagsOfLove

That is definitely Meghan Markle’s face. On a swimsuit. That you can purchase.

Photo Credit: BagsOfLove

Okay, now this one we may actually drop some money on.

While we’re on the subject of the royal family, have you noticed how the cast of “The Crown” looks exactly like them?