What Are Lesser-Known Problems of Being an Unattractive Woman? Here’s What Females Had to Say.

Things are about to get real in here, folks.

Today, we’re going to hear from women on AskReddit about what they think are problems that unattractive females face in the world.

Let’s see how they responded to this question.

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1. Invisible.

“Being invisible next to your friends.

They’re all having fun, and you just sit there, and no one is talking to you.”

2. Brave?

“People thinking that you don’t have the right to like yourself or thinking that your confidence is “brave.”

F**k off.”

3. Always bringing it up.

“As a fat woman: not being able to go to 90% of my doctor’s visits without my weight being brought up.

I mean, that’s fine in a checkup or physical, but if I go in because I have a sinus infection, I don’t really feel the need to discuss how fat I am right at that moment unless it’s somehow going to clear up my sinus infection.”

4. Using other words.

“I h**e when people comment or say, ‘I wanna have your self-esteem/confidence!’ as if it was a compliment.

It isn’t — they’re just using other words to call the person ugly.”

5. Sad, but true.

“Fewer job opportunities.

Attractiveness plays a part in getting hired.”

6. Keep it to yourself.

“Unsolicited weight loss/health advice (that is often wrong and does not consider my health at all) and unsolicited advice on how to be attractive to men.”

7. Isn’t that ironic?

“If a skinny, pretty girl dresses super casual with no effort, it’s cute and trendy, but if I do it I’m lazy and don’t care about my looks.”

8. Anxiety.

“The intense anxiety that arises during family events when it’s photo time. My cousins are all very beautiful and love posting to Instagram and all that.

My family is big on photos. I’m the only one who isn’t photogenic at all. I have a lazy eye, and my face is just generally asymmetrical.”

9. Assumptions.

“Most men assumed that I was going to be easy — as in easy to have s** with — because they think I have no self-esteem and seek validation with s**.”

10. Don’t do that.

“People constantly trying to fix me.

My aunty asked me how I was going to get a man with a body like mine and my dressing style.

Mind you, she is pushing 50 with no man, but OK.”

11. Treated differently.

“I was treated differently than my attractive friends.

People were less helpful to me, left me out of everything (especially photos), and only wanted me around when it suited them.”

12. Bummer.

“Spending ages trying to dress up nicely only to go outside and realize that everyone else is still a million times more attractive than you.”

13. Constantly comparing.

“That no matter how often your significant other tells you that you’re beautiful, you constantly compare yourself to more attractive women and feel that you’ll never be enough.”

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