What Are Some Jobs Where You Can’t Make a Mistake? Here’s What People Said.

Don’t blow it!

I’ve definitely heard that before when I’ve been working, but it’s never been anything so important that an error would result in a huge accident…or death…

But some jobs really are like that!

What are some jobs where you absolutely can’t make a mistake?

Let’s take a look at what folks on AskReddit had to say.

1. Can’t mess around.

“Site surveyors can really f*ck up a job site quick.

On one job a few years ago the layout surveyor missed an email with updated footing locations which lead to 13 of the 18 columns being placed an average of 3 feet off. It wasn’t until the masons showed up to start laying block that anyone realized they were wrong.

So a few weeks of labor and all that wasted concrete and rebar led to a $600,000 f*ck up.”

2. Oh, boy…

“The people who dig gravesites.

My grandpa was buried in December. We still don’t have a headstone. I went out to visit the graveyard about two months ago. I

was standing at the foot of his plot when someone came up to me and said “Is this your loved one, what was their name?”. Turns out whoever dug the grave dug it about two feet too close to the neighboring family’s plot.

Grandpa was half in his plot and half in the neighbors!

Since there wasn’t a headstone yet cemetery management wasn’t sure who was buried there…”

3. Outer space.


Few mistakes are as dangerous or as costly. If you make a minor mistake as a surgeon, the patient may die – sure. If you make a minor mistake as an astronaut, you may die, your crew may die, and millions of dollars may go to waste.

Something as simple as making sure a tool is secured tightly, a container is fully closed, or a surface is wiped dry could mean the difference between life and death.”

4. Which one is this?

“The job where you put a newborn baby in their bed in the hospital.

If you get a baby mixed up it is going to go home with the wrong family.”

5. I couldn’t do it.

“Crane Operator. Especially tower when you’re hundreds of feet in the air.

Extremely stressful job with lives at stake with the slightest mistake. Someone may correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe there are strict regulations on being licensed and during work as well.

They get paid a ridiculous amount too.”

6. The big bang.

“Fireworks manufacturer.

My family does this. We’ve had a couple of accidents over the past 30 years. But due to strict ATF protocols that we follow, no significant damage, or loss of life occurred.

We get safer all the time with technology.”

7. Oops!

“I’m sure there are dentists who have made mistakes, but I always hope it isn’t me in the chair when it happens.”

8. Risky business.


Too much and the patient might not wake up and too little they wake up during surgery.

It’s a nightmare.”

9. Heavy cargo.

“Working aircraft ramp or aircraft cargo in general.

When working for delta I went through a 3 hour training session that about 20 percent of it was going through black boxes of crashed flights due to ramp negligence.

One of which being the weight of the bags not being relayed correctly and bringing down a plane of 130 plus people. I used to try to fire anyone I saw on their phone on the ramp.”

10. Wild kingdom.

“Zookeeper, even more specifically, any large animal keepers.

You work with some of the worlds most dangerous creatures in an incredibly close capacity, opening and shutting enclosures, shutting animals in and out, doing keeper talks and making sure you don’t give wrong information, keeping gates around the site shut and locked, supplementing the food correctly and so on.

You get the idea.”

11. No mistakes allowed.


More specifically, the kind of jeweler that cuts and forms precious stones.

I read somewhere that they only work 4 hours a day to avoid fatigue, and that failing a checkup that includes eyesight.

Substance consumption such as of caffeine, nicotine and sugar can get them fired.”

12. Scary.

“Underwater welder.

My cousin did it for a while until one of the tubes he was told to weld on hadn’t been evacuated properly.

Blew his wet suit off, he floated to the top, and then he got the bends and woke up in one of those re-compression chambers.

Now he’s an inspector.”

13. True.

“As a car mechanic, you CANNOT forget to torque the wheel-nuts before the car rolls out of the shop again. I don’t want people to lose a wheel when on the highway.

As an electrician, you CANNOT mess up the color coding, nor install something that simply doesn’t feel like it sits properly. I don’t want a socket falling off the wall with toddlers running through the house touching everything they see.”

14. On the highway.

“Truck Driver

At best a mistake raises insurance premiums and there is damage to the equipment. At worst you kill a lot of people.

In either case you could lose your job. In the second case you are also facing prison time.”

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