What Are You Glad You Never Have to Do Again? People Shared Their Thoughts.

You know what I’m glad I never have to do again?


I’m not talking about taking higher education classes or anything like that: I mean high school and middle school and elementary school.

I just can’t imagine having to do that part of my life over again…and I don’t think I’ll have to unless I find myself in some kind of Billy Madison scenario, or something…

Anyway, here’s what AskReddit users said they’re glad they never have to do again.

1. Street legal.

“Driver’s license!

In my country (in Western Europe) it’s super hardcore to pass it and it costs a kidney.”

2. One and done.

“Wedding planning.

If I ever end up getting a divorce and getting married again for any reason, there will NOT be a ceremony like that. I’m not doing it again.

Nope nope nope.”

3. Avoid the darkness.

“Trying to drag a loved one up from the hell they choose to stay in. If you follow them into the darkness and think your light is going to keep working down there you’re wrong.

Your light will fast become weaker and weaker. And before you can realize it’s burning out they will leave you down there. -Wandering alone in the dark.”

4. Done with that.


I did advanced quantitative data analysis as part of my university course. It was t**ture because my lecturer expected us to think outside the box and come up with new exciting ways to solve any exercise he gave us when we barely knew how to run a regression.

Once I finished my statistics modules, I never looked back. Nor will I ever.”

5. Good experience, but…

“Army basic training.

I’m glad I did it, never want to do it again.”

6. Worth it.

“Lasik eye surgery.

Worth it, but sitting there with your eyes cut open, smelling the burning lasers and being mostly blind for a while is a bit nerve racking.

Thankfully they gave Xanax. I’m guessing that helped.”

7. Better quality of life.

“Working close to minimum wage customer service jobs. Now that I have graduated and have a corporate job, I have better life quality.

Don’t have to deal with little people with little lives whose only source of power is yelling at teenagers or young adults who so happen to be wearing a scratchy uniform and to be on the wrong side of the counter.”

8. College life.

“College. I don’t think I was ever more miserable than my last semester there.

I had finished everything related to my major and so I was just taking random classes I needed for credits and I h**ed all of them. They gave me an award for academic excellence that semester and I didn’t even attend the dinner where they were handed out. I almost felt insulted, like I was being given an award for stabbing myself in an efficient manner.

Didn’t attend graduation either. I still remember getting in my car after my last exam, thinking “thank f**k I never have to come back here again.”

It was pouring rain and the further away I got from the campus the sunnier it became and I thought that was a perfect metaphor for how I felt.”

9. Raw terror.

“Being in an MRI machine and being shot up with a vasodilator to make my heart rate jump.

I was already anxious, but when that drug hit, I went straight into raw terror.

They had pull me out of the machine and give me the reversal meds. My hands were so contorted they looked like lobster claws.”

10. Ahhhhh!

“Three months of recovering from retina reattachment surgery, watching the gas bubble in my right eye recede by millimeters every day.”

11. Glad you did it.

“Going to therapy for the first time.

I had so many bottled up emotions I paid a bunch of money to cry incoherently to a stranger for several weeks in a row. It really really really sucked at the time but I’m so happy I did it.

I did get to a place where I was able to have conversations and I’m so much happier with my life for it.”

12. Heartbreaking.

“Losing my parents.

My dad passed away unexpectedly in Oct 2016, while my mom was going through cancer treatment. She followed in June 2017. Husband’s parents are already gone.

As bad as it sounds, at least we are out of parents now and won’t have to go through that particular heartbreak again.”

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