What Are You Happy About Right Now? Here’s How People Responded.

What makes you happy in life?

I mean really, truly happy?

I’d say for me it’s spending time with friends and family and also plenty of the little things: a good meal, swimming in the ocean, playing with dogs, or taking an afternoon nap.

That’s the good stuff!

Let’s get happy with folks from AskReddit, shall we?

1. Nice and relaxing.

“It was super hot for weeks and it’s raining and there’s a thunderstorm right now and I’m outside watching it.”

2. Bird watching.

“I have lots of birds visiting my feeders.

Nothing is very exotic—hummingbirds are the most unusual birds I get—but I enjoy watching all of them.”

3. LOVE.

“My girlfriend told me she loves me for the first time the other day.

Still smiling from that one.”

4. On the right track.

“I started working again.

Yesterday I went to the grocery store, and I have real food stocked in my room now.

Fully feel blessed.”

5. License to drive.

“Just got my license.

I am the second youngest in my friend group and the first one to be able to legally drive alone.”

6. Nice work!

“I went to a job interview earlier this week and I heard back from them today.

I got the job!”

7. New beginnings.

“Getting my first haircut in six months tonight, and starting therapy on Monday!”

8. Things are looking up.

“My unemployment benefits were finally approved a few days ago after pending for almost 4 months.

I was furloughed because of covid and returned back to work for an entire month before they were finally approved.”

9. Drink up!

“Because I have plenty of beer, nobody is bothering me and I’m drinking beer.

What’s not to be happy about?

Best day of the week.”

10. Time for a vacation.

“I’m (30m) planning a camping trip with my dad (65m) to go to the Boundary Waters Canoe Wilderness Area on the Minnesota-Canada border.

For the last week we’ve been making food supplies and gear lists and planning each leg of the trip. I’ve gone so far to find fishing reports on the lakes we will be on.

For the first time maybe ever I’m looking forward to not having a cell signal, internet or news of the outside world for a week. It’s a hell of a lot of physical work to paddle and portage 15-20 miles a day but I’m looking forward to it.”

11. Impressive.

“I quit quit alcohol a month ago.

Since then I’ve been running every day, read multiple books, and I’ve been getting consistent 8+ hours of sleep.”

12. Your best friend.

“A month ago I thought my dog was going to die.

She was in a lot of pain and had trouble getting up by herself. But we changed her meds, and she’s getting laser treatment for arthritis in her back knees.

Now she can get up by herself, and I can tell she’s not in pain because she’s so playful again.

I am so happy about this.”

13. That will be nice.

“Heading on vacation in a couple weeks!

It’s a pretty remote place in the mountains where we will still be socially-distanced and not around anyone, but it will just be nice to see somewhere other than the inside of my house.”

14. This is nice.

“The wife and I both have health problems, nothing major, but we have a really nice teen come over to do yard work.

Last time he was here, he mentioned he had to walk into town as his mom’s car was overheating. This morning my wife picked him up to do some mowing and weeding. When he was done she asked if his mom’s car was running, to which he replied they hadn’t even tried to start it.

My wife asked if i would take him home and take a look at the car. I did so, and it was just a matter of low radiator fluid, but that mom had been afraid to mess something up. I filled the radiator and overflow tank, had them start the car, and hung out till the car warmed to operating temp.

No biggie, but they were both so thrilled to have it running again, and be able to drive for groceries, it still has me happy hours later.”

How about you?

What is currently making you happy?

Talk to us in the comments, we’d love to hear from you!