What Can a Dollar Get You in Your Country? Here’s What People Said.

A dollar doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to, does it?

Not even close!

But you can still get some things for a buck, right?

AskReddit users talked about what a dollar can buy them in their country.

Let’s take a look!

1. Gentle rocking…

“Approximately 100 minutes of gentle rocking on Sandy the penny horse in the front of most Meijer locations.”

2. Little candies.

“Individually wrapped little candies from a gas station counter.

Not a candy bar, it’s not enough, but mints or a lollipop maybe.”

3. Romania.

“4 cheap croissants (no, I’m not french) / a 500ml bottle of soda (almost enough money for 2) / a good quality chocolate / 8 gums / up to 4 ice creams if they’re cheap but good quality, up to 8 if they’re bad quality and so on.”

4. Sounds great.

“Hanoi, Vietnam

2/3 bowl of Pho

1 1.5L bottle of Coca

3 baguettes

A cup of Vietnamese coffee

3 bus tickets

5 – 6 packs of instant noodles

And lots of street foods that can fill you up for a meal are under $1.”

5. In India.

“A dollar in about INR 80.

Street food in India starts at around INR 10. Water bottles and packaged snacks such as chips and cookies cost between INR 10 to 20.

Local city buses cost about the same. Most vegetables (leafy) are under INR 20, a bag of rice and lentils could be around INR 50. We still have INR 1 in circulation and you can get candies, chewing gums for that price.”

6. Wow!

“A cup of coffee.

Two beers at the supermarket.


7. Let’s get a drink.

“Luckily dollar drink days are on at McDonald’s so an Iced Coffee.

Otherwise, not much…”

8. That’s not good.

“Jack and s**t.

And Jack just left town.”

9. That’s good.

“Surprised no one mentioned medicine.

For $1 in India you can get about 55 tablets of anti-histamine. Or, 20 tablets of antibiotics.

I am sure there are other more compelling medicine comparisons, but since I use these, I though I would write about these.”

10. Sure, why not?

“Lunch, or breakfast or dinner or all three if you’re happy with small bowls of noodle soup.”

11. That’s awesome!

“A two way ride, on a little boat, across the creek. It’s called Abra.

I live in Dubai. A place with expensive extremities, but also simple joys like this one.”

12. The list.

“Bake goods at the “day old” ” used bread store”, bakery outlet.

Canned vegetables


1 roll of toilet paper

Table salt

Bar of dove soap


1 lindor chocolate ball

Scratcher lottery ticket

The smile of the person at the ice cream stand when I put it in the tip jar. Best thing.”

What can a dollar get you in YOUR country?

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