What Can Random Folks Online Do to Make Our Days Better? 15 People Let the World Know.


There is so much hate and vitriol on the Internet these days and quite frankly, it’s pretty exhausting.

That’s why this article is important. In it, real people talk about the things that random people online can do to make complete strangers feel better.

Hey, be nice to each other out there! Everyone is going through a hard time right now and we need as much positivity as possible.

People on AskReddit sounded off on this subject.

1. Always a good thing.

“PM me pictures of your pets

And if you don’t have pets just show me a cute baby animal picture you found on the Internet.”

2. The good stuff.

“Tell me something good that happened to you today. Doesn’t matter how small it was, could be you simply had a bath where you don’t normally get the chance. Anything that made your day better I want to hear about it.”

3. Get silly.

“Ask a silly question. Like, “What is the most havoc you could create with corn nuts?”

4. Right here!

“Just being nice. We don’t know each other but is good to know that people can be nice.”

5. This is important.

“Just be reasonable.

Wherever you comment, don’t argue for the sake of arguing. Don’t argue as if you’re in a competition.

If you disagree with someone, even if they’re wrong, try to recognise that they’re not ‘wrong’ on purpose.

Just be nice to people, say “I see what you’re saying but..” and actually try to see what they’re saying!

Don’t assume everyone who disagrees with you is a complete dickhead, they’re probably not!”

6. It’s okay to be different.

“Don’t assume that someone disagreeing with you means they think you’re stupid for having a different belief. There isn’t just one right way to live your life, and just because something works for you doesn’t mean it is right for me, or obvious to me based on my experiences so far.

We’re all doing our best with what we have, and sometimes it’s not enough, but it’s what we have.”

7. Both good things.

“Send dog (or any animal really) pictures and give me recipes for food.”

8. This is helpful.

“Wash your hands and stay home if you’re sick. Do it now because of the situation we’re in but do it after that when you have a cold or the flu, too.

To make a long story short your 7 day flu turns into my 7 week flu-with-complications.

I’m trying to remain calm here so knowing y’all will do this for me helps.”

9. Let’s get weird.

“Just tell me interesting weird stories.”

10. Clean it up!

“Go outside and clean up your neighborhood. Trashtag was awesome to see and I hope people keep it up.”

11. It’s gonna be okay.

“Telling me everything will be alright. (Not depressed just sad… Losing my cat to a congenial defect in her kidneys).”

12. Educate yourself.

“Educate themselves about their elections, vote, and continue to get more involved in the political processes, especially at a local level.

Decisions are made by those who show up.”

13. Don’t let bullies get away with it.

“Stand up for someone being cyberbullied.”

14. Pure and simple.

“Be my friend.”

15. Let’s end with a joke!

“Did you hear that the guy who invented the knock knock joke got an award.

It was the no bell prize.”

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