What Can You Not Believe Other People Like? Here’s What Folks Said.

Hey, to each their own, but people have pretty weird taste sometimes, don’t you think?

I sure do!

But whatever floats your boat…

What can you not believe other people actually like?

Check out what AskReddit users said about this.

1. One way to put it.


Yeah, it’s on pitch, but the timbre sounds like a sixpack of cats in a blender.”

2. Really?


I understand finding it charming but believing in it?

That’s weird…”

3. Not a fan.

“Arranged marriages.

I’m from India and this s**t is disgusting,

I mean how can you live with a partner you don’t even know Just because parents chose her/him?

It makes me irritated.”

4. Overdoing it.

“Posting EVERY f**king thing on social media. I mean everything.

I saw this girl in my school posting a pack of acrylics once.”

5. Little monsters.

“Newborn babies.

I’m not telling I don’t like children but let’s be honest…

They look like little gremlins.”

6. Creepy.

“Those big claw-like nails.

How do you get anything done with those attached to your fingers?”

7. Go team go!

“Cheerleading culture.

The moms are the worst.”

8. Pointless.



It costs you a fortune, does nothing but harm to your body and you now also stink to high heavens.

It’s just an awful habit.”

9. You’re wrong!


It’s bitter, bad for your teeth, scalding hot unless you feel like waiting 15 minutes for it to cool, and it gives you an energy boost that lasts a short while before crashing into depression.

However, it’s also addictive, and therefore I still willingly drink it everyday. But it’s dumb.”

10. Used to, but…

“Kanye West.

I used to adore Kanye but now I can’t even listen to his music without feeling disgusting.”

11. Keep ’em coming.

“Donald Trump, Lauren Boebert, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Ron DeSantis…”

12. I don’t get it.

“TikTok influencers who just spew nonsense with no facts behind it.

I have to talk my wife off a cliff 2-3x per week because she starts eating/drinking/doing something because she “saw it on TikTok.””

13. Insane.

“Wearing giant fake eyelashes, especially with little to no other makeup.

I see girls running around with drag queen lashes and I think it looks insane.”

What can you not believe people actually like?

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