What Celebrity’s Career Is Pretty Much Over? People Responded.

Celebrities are getting canceled right and left these days.

Kevin Spacey, Bill Cosby, the list goes on and on…and I wonder who’s next.

What celebrity’s career do you think is pretty much over?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts about this.

1. I think you’re right.

“R Kelly…don’t see a comeback album on the way.

Ironically, the very last single he released was called, NO PROBLEMS. In capital letters.”

2. Yikes.

“Allison Mack.

I was not expecting her to go from “actress in Smallville” to “s** trafficker and cultist” that fast.”

3. Danny Masterson.

“That curly headed guy who was on That 70’s Show.

Guess he’s been toast for a while.”

4. Too bad.

“Celine Dion.

My understanding is that she’s suffering from neurological issues and is seriously looking at retirement.”

5. He was America’s dad.

“Bill Cosby.

I’m still devastated over his actions. My extended family was r**ist and they loved Cosby (before his nastiness came out).

It was like he was breaking up that h**e in my own household. His shows were good and wholesome. I admired him so much.”

6. Remember him?

“Jussie Smollett.

I live in Chicago and nobody, not even criminals, go out in the middle of the night during winter for Subway sandwiches..not happening.”

7. A sad story.

“Aaron Carter.

I was on attendance at one of those concerts back in 2017 maybe.

It was some nostalgia I guess, but he played his only new release 4 times in different versions.

It was pretty sad by the end.”

8. Action star.

“Steven Seagal.

I watched a Seagal film years ago for nostalgia. It was a film he’d done more recently and I haven’t watched a film of his in ages.

Most of it was him walking around in a trench coat with a katana. It was cut to try make it look like he was fighting people but he was just swinging the sword at the camera. I gave up and never finished it.”

9. Whoa.

“You all remember Emile Hirsch?

He could have been a superstar and then he strangled a female studio exec.

He still works but does a lot of voiceover and small potatoes stuff. The dude could have been a superstar but blew it.”

10. Seems like a mess.

“Andy Dick.

This honestly needs no explanation.

His “career” has basically become about how universally h**ed he is.”

11. Cringey.

“Bam Margera.

I used to look up to the guy I skated because of him, watched Jacka** for him and loved CKY because of him.

Now I just cringe at everything’s he’s become.”

12. Ouch.

“Armie Hammer.

Everyone loves a good comeback story.

But Armie Hammer is going to sell timeshares for the rest of his life.”

13. Johnny Football.

“If you’re a 29 year old athlete with nothing to show for your career AND a Netflix documentary, you f**ked up bro.

I’m looking at you Johnny Manziel.”

Who would you add to this list?

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