What Changed in Your Life That Made It So Much Better? People Shared Their Stories.

Life is all about change.

Things are constantly in flux and, as the saying goes, the only certainty in life is death and taxes.

But you know and I know that some changes are good and some are bad. And we should all be striving to make more positive ones than negative ones.

People on AskReddit talked about changes in their lives that made everything so much better.

1. Fleeing.

“I got out of Syria.

I’m not safe yet but its a lot better right now.”

2. Congrats!

“The kidney transplant I received on Monday, Feb 15, 2021.”

3. Do your own thing.

“Giving up on trying to cure being a introvert and just being happy.”

4. Don’t care so much.

“I stopped caring so much.

For as long as I remember I’ve felt a burden of responsibility to my parents, my brother, to myself. Throughout my whole life my parents have relied on me to be the voice of reason, to be the one who has sound mind, to be the one good with finances, to give them advice.

It’s not healthy for a kid to be put under that kind of pressure, and it just built and built until they filed for bankruptcy in 2017, and when I burned out at work last year.

I went to therapy for a bit (for the 3rd time lol) after I burned out and realized that I’m putting up such a high bar of responsibility for myself and it makes, and made, my life ridiculously miserable.

I’m still working and going to school, but having a more relaxed attitude and almost forcing myself to procrastinate on my schoolwork has made my life so much more enjoyable.”

5. Cut off.

“Cutting ties with hateful, angry people in my family.

Two years clean of their bullsh*t, but I’m still processing just how much damage they did.

Life is way better without them.”

6. The best!

“Going from working a 9-5 office job to 100% remote. I wish I’d done this years ago.

For years I was convinced I chose the wrong career, and I was getting extreme anxiety, had to pull the car over a couple times going to work because of panic attacks. Lockdown happens a year ago and all my stress disappeared and I realized I love my career, I just HATE office living and commuting.

My biggest fear is the pandemic ending and being forced back into that terrible office culture.”

7. Drop those pounds.

“Losing a significant amount of weight.

My overall health is so much better. I sleep like the dead every night, when before I suffered badly from insomnia. My blood pressure has come down to normal levels. I’m no longer pre-diabetic. I have cut back on the amount of medication I have to take, which obviously means I have money to spend that I didn’t before.

I love exercising, even when I was morbidly obese, I enjoyed walking. Now I enjoy walking and I can walk so much further and faster than I could before. Another thing is the major change in my mental health.

I was in a very dark space, and I realized the other day how much more positive my outlook in life has become.”

8. Game changer.

“Quitting alcohol.

My life has completely changed in only the best ways. I went back to school and earned my degree, found the love of my life and got married, lost a bunch of weight and somehow look like I’ve aged backwards.”

9. Drop the zero.

“Breaking up with my ex and finding someone who was so much better for me. It makes a world of difference.

My mental and physical health improved. It’s pretty incredible how a miserable relationship can drag you down, and how a happy one can change you for the better.”

10. No more weed.

“I quit smoking weed. I’m more productive and organized than ever. My depression is gone, too.

Dreaming is nice. I also enjoy remembering things and never being too high to do anything.”

11. You’re good to go.

“Pretty specific but… I had my bladder removed!

I had been dealing with interstitial cystitis for over 20 years that was progressively getting worse. It got to the point that my bladder only held 100ml and then I’d be in agony. I was bedridden from the pain most of the time and had to use a walking stick in order to move around.

I had my bladder removed, they made a new one out of my bowel, so it sits inside. They made a channel from the (neo) bladder to my belly button called a mitrofanoff, which I now catheterize through to pee. So essentially, I can now pee standing up too!

I’m now mobile, no pain, no walking stick and don’t have to pee every 10-20 minutes. Being able to sleep through the night for the first time in my life (mid 30s now) has been amazing. I can’t wait for the pandemic to end so I can start doing all of the things I couldn’t do before!”

12. Make it count.

“Knowing and reminding myself what I actually want in life.

And continuing to ask myself why and “is that it” to make sure I am living life for something that really matters.”

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