What Companies Are Terrible and Everyone Should Know About Them? Here’s What People Had to Say.

People these days sure are passionate about a lot of things, and one of them is what companies they choose to support…and which ones they think everyone should avoid.

I think you might find some of these answers pretty interesting…

AskReddit users opened up about the companies they think are awful and need to be put on blast.

Let’s see what they had to say.

1. Chevron.

“Chevron. Knowingly poisoned indigenous Ecuadorans, lost the court case and yet refuse to pay damages or admit wrongdoing, same old story.

This is shocking enough but the details are really worrying for civil rights in the US: They are persecuting the lawyer who led the lawsuit against them, abusing the court system to try to jail him without trial, currently held in house arrest with no end in sight.

Like the type of egregious corruption and judicial abuse the US regularly sanctions other countries for.

2. Tyson.


Treats its workers like s**t, ignores needed maintenance resulting in hazardous/inhumane conditions for humans and animals alike, and scams taxpayers out of grant money which it doesn’t use for its intended purpose.

Let me also add that I’m being intentionally a bit vague because of reason 4, sues the f**k out of anyone who talks publicly about them in a negative way.”

3. Got you over a barrel.

“Live Nation, and their partners TicketMaster. They have you over a barrel if you like a certain artist enough, and they know it.

They do everything from working hand-in-hand with national scalpers to upselling actual physical seating in their venues as a “premium amenity.” You literally can’t beat them. From the inflated tickets, to the extra surcharges and hidden fees, they just print money.

They even scalp their own tickets through “verified resale” and “platinum tickets.” I could go on about this scam all day. Even if you buy a GA ticket and try to wait in line for hours to get up front, at certain venues they sell “skip the line” passes for extra $$$ and let people enter before you.

At the Live Nation venues in my city, they sell something called “Premium Experiences” or “Premium Seating” where the only places to sit and watch shows in the venues are auctioned off each night to the highest bidders – they literally change the price point on how much it costs to sit in a seat based on how packed the venue is / how much demand there is for the artist. That s**t ain’t gonna fly in a post-covid world!

This whole “sectioning off the best views in the room” and sequestering the rest of GA to be packed in like sardines is nonsense. I hate that when shows come back, Live Nation is going to have the battered competition by the balls, and their little pal Ticketmaster is going to be charging us through the roof to see shows again. They have what we want, and they know it.”

4. Really bad.

“AT&T is REALLY bad.

They are on par with Comcast with worse products IMO. I recently moved and had no choice but to get Wow. It’s actually amazing. Same internet speed as Comcast for $35 a month and I got YouTube tv for $65. My last Comcast bill for internet and one dvr box was $220.

Now I’m paying $100 and couldn’t be happier. If I had just kept internet with Comcast it would have been $90 a month lol.”

5. CVS.

“CVS Pharmacy.

Forces pharmacists and technicians to go through grueling work pumping out prescriptions and insane metrics that have nothing to do with healthcare. In turn you have a lot of turnover which exacerbates the issues with inexperience.

The Chicago Tribune wrote an expose about working conditions that forced the Illinois government to MANDATE lunch breaks. That’s right, lots of CVS Pharmacy don’t have break so you’ll have workers going for 14 hours straight without break. Does that sound like a healthy working environment for effective healthcare?

As a pharmacy student that works there with full knowledge of the industry, please support your local pharmacy that WILL provide the best care and treat employees fairly.”

6. FYI.

“The “pet care” company Hartz.

They’ve been sued left and right. If you love your animals fork over a little bit more money and get a better quality product.”

7. Charities…

“The Susan G. Komen foundation.

A “charity” whose CEO is a millionaire and that sues any other smaller charity for infringing on their “copyright”.”

8. Shady past.

“The United Fruit Company – now known as Chiquita – is responsible for a century of atrocities in South America.

Everything from slavery to coups – all with the help of dear old Uncle Sam.”

9. State Farm.

“State Farm: my grandma couldn’t pay after someone hit her car because the other person had no deductible & hers didn’t cover it all, but some agent allowed her to use some other deductible not related to car insurance to cover costs.

The agent also made sure she was taken care of after to make sure the car repairs were finished.

A lot of people take advantage of her due to her age, but this State Farm agent cared for my grandma & I’ll never forget. She won’t either. Thank you Ashlyn if you see this, you the realest.”

10. Scandals.

“L3-Communications; although as of a couple years ago it’s L3Harris after a merger.

You’ve probably never heard of them, but they are one of the most powerful companies in the US, even the world. They’re all into defense and aerospace stuff mostly, and they’re one of those no-bid contract billions a year from our tax dollars.

They’ve been in all sorts of scandals from running essentially their own domestic espionage agency using stolen government resources to using defective parts to stuff the general public doesn’t even hear about.

I know we talk about how Nestle and DeBeers and tobacco companies etc are evil, but you want to see some real horror stories, look up companies like these.”

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