What Company Do You Want to See Go Bankrupt? Here’s What People Said.

We all have companies that we’re not fans of…

At all.

And, in all honesty, we’d like to see some of them go away forever.

Folks on AskReddit shared their thoughts about the companies they’d like to see go bankrupt.

Check out what they had to say.

1. Priced out.

“JP Morgan Chase.

Spending billions on single family homes and pricing my generation out of home ownership forever.”

2. Inhospitable.


The place is $250 per night. Add cleaning fees and its $500. The cleaning fee is for the privilege of cleaning it yourself too because they left a list of chores for you.

Oh, you need to take all your garbage with you too.

Airbnb is what happens when inhospitable people get into the hospitality business.”

3. That’s criminal.


They took out life insurance on elderly employees and cashed the checks without anyone knowing for years.”

4. Doing harm.


I heavily believe that it’s doing far more harm than good in today’s society.”

5. Shut ’em down.

“Health Insurance companies.

They literally are responsible for m**der and contribute nothing to society. The employees can get reabsorbed by the government for the most part, and do it all for cheaper.

F**k health insurance companies.”

6. Big oil.


They did literally untold damage to the Everglades, one of the most biologically active places on earth with their oil spill and then the chemical to bury the oil under the surface to make it look less bad on TV and they barely paid their fees.”

7. Price gouging.


I refuse to use them after they jacked their prices one night by nearly 500% when there was an issue with the local trains.

I appreciate they’re in business to make money, but f**k them.”

8. Bad service.


Their cell phone service is c**p, their internet is c**p and in most areas they have the monopoly on it. Especially rural where they will put down a few miles of fiber then just stop.

They would make their money back servicing the other houses, but nope.”

9. Not a fan anymore.


Waiting for years for serials that they cancel before the ending, adding ads and cancelling sharing password in 2023.”

10. Do it!


Some Swifties filed suit against them after the Taylor Swift debacle.

Come on Swifties, I’m rooting for you to take them down!”

11. Auction them off.


They deserve it for that 737 max criminality.

The government should auction off their factories to the other contractors.”

12. Sleazy.

“The Brick. It’s a Canadian furniture store.

They are worse than sleazy used car sales people.”

Now it’s your turn!

What company do you want to see go bankrupt?

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