What Dads Should Know About Vasectomies

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Deciding that you’re done having children can be a hard process. It’s one that committed couples should make together, and until all parties are positive their family is complete, there are plenty of shorter-term, less permanent methods than a vasectomy to make sure no more babies pop into existence.

But if you are ready to consider putting your baby-making days behind you for good, there are a few things every dad should know before he goes under the knife.


First, a bit of history.

The first vasectomy was performed in 1823 on a dog. It wasn’t until WWII that the surgical process went mainstream for human men, as well. It’s low cost, the technique is simple but effective, and the entire procedure is safe and relatively painless. If you didn’t know, the operation cuts the vas deferens, the tubes that sperm travel through as they leave the testicles. Without any tubes, the sperm can no longer go anywhere.

Here’s urologist Arash Akhavein to tell us more about what will go down if you decide it’s time to say goodbye to your swimmers.

Vasectomies are quick, and the pain is easily managed.

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A vasectomy takes only 20-30 minutes. And as it’s typically done in an office setting, a local numbing injection to the immediate area is all that’s required.

Although some doctors do prefer to use minor sedation in an operating room, or use an additional injection right into the vas deferens.

Yes, you have to do both balls.

Most men have two functioning testicles, which means two vas deferens to clamp and cut. So don’t think it’s one and done.

It’s going to smoke, so don’t freak out.

Though you won’t feel a thing, you will likely be awake to see the cauterization process – which means your balls will literally be burning.

Recovery time is minimal.


The incisions are sealed with skin glue or a single stitch, which will dissolve in 1-2 weeks. Men are allowed to return to work (in supportive underwear) within 24 hours, and allowed to resume normal sexual activity within a week.

You will want to return to have your sperm count checked before discontinuing all other forms of birth control, though, just in case there are stragglers.

So that’s it – easy peasy lemon squeezy!

Vasectomies do not impact sperm or testosterone production, so your libido should be unaffected. Instead of being ejaculated, the sperm gets reabsorbed into your body, and voila – all of the fun, none of the crying and sleepless nights.

At least, not because of a baby.