What Did You Not Realize Was Expensive Until You Became an Adult? People Shared Their Thoughts.

Depending on how you grew up, you probably believed that some things were luxuries and others were not.

And, for pretty much all of us, it’s kind of hard to understand the value of a dollar until you start paying your own bills.

But there are some things that really blow your mind when you pay for them yourself for the first time…

AskReddit users talked about what they didn’t realize was expensive until they grew up.

1. Pricey stuff.

“Custom framing.

Hundreds of dollars for a nice frame with mat.

I still don’t understand how it gets up so high.”

2. Getting more expensive.

“Fast food.

I’ve started to think…”I could make this at home for cheaper”.

I have reached peak adulthood, or I’m just trying to save better.

I still win with cheaper, homemade food that lasts for several meals.”

3. Your choppers.

“Cavities, or more specifically dental fillings.

If I had known how much it cost as an adult to fix your teeth, I would have taken way better care of mine!”

4. It adds up.

“Owning a car.

I knew buying one was expensive, even second hand, but just owning one?

Car insurance, road taxes, gasoline, yearly maintenance… even it just sitting in the parking lot during the pandemic it’s costing me quite a bit.”

5. They ain’t cheap!


As a kid I would always need batteries for my remote control cars or any battery operated toy.

Man, do I regret wasting them as a kid”

6. Feels like a fortune.

“Taking the whole family out to dinner.

Man, that really adds up.”

7. More sponges?

“All the general household supplies your parents used to buy.

Never fun to have to spend your hard earned money on TP, sponges, shampoo, windex, paper towel, etc…”

8. Sad, but true…


Most of my family members were cremated (those who died) except for my grandma. It’s a nice memorial that she chose completely and it’s pretty basic. $30,000 Canadian dollars roughly.

Blows my f*ckin mind ! Cremate the sh*t out of me.”

9. I said NO!


No wonder my mom said no every time I asked to paint my room black with hot pink splatters.”

10. So expensive.


I always imagined they were like $50 a piece and the installation was part of the sales price.

First time I saw a $700 bill for 4 new tires I about cried.”

11. You gotta be able to see.

“Glasses and contacts.

Even if you have vision insurance, you often have to pay extra to get something decent quality.

Why do I have to pay to see?!?!”

12. Pretty much everything.

“Literally everything.

I wanted for nothing as a child and thought that was how it went. What a blessed upbringing.

I didn’t have a concept how much money you needed to live like I grew up until I was almost through college. Man, if I knew that I would have made some different education decisions.”

13. Liquid gold.

“Printer ink, that sh*t’s like liquid gold.

The bloody printer is usually cheaper then the replacement ink cartridges, that’s how they get you.

It’s an endless loop of buying cheap printers just to replace the ink.”

14. The healthy stuff.

“Fresh fruits and high quality ingredients to make meals are expensive, and I didn’t realize how lucky I was until I left home.

Now I love visiting the parents because the meals are healthy and have great ingredients.”

What do you think?

What did you not realize was pretty expensive until you got older?

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