What Disappeared and No One Seemed to Notice? Here’s What People Said.

It’s funny how certain things just disappear from our lives and most folks don’t even notice.

It might be a product, or a drink, or a certain kind of food…

The possibilities are endless!

And today we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about this subject.

Take a look at what they had to say.

Not good.

“Good value for price at restaurants.

Restaurants have quietly reduced portion sizes since COVID without restoring them.

Noodles and Company (along with many others) advertise large portions like pre-pandemic but only give to-go sizes even when dining in.

All for a higher price.”


“Chi-Chi’s restaurants.

As a kid it was the place to go for a celebration bigger than McDonald’s but not Chuck E. Cheese big.

Then one day in the mid 2000s I looked up and they were all gone.”

It’s true.

“Our need to know who our neighbors are.

And it was slowly made possible by the Internet.

It used to be that we would hang out with people in our street or attend dinners, birthdays, and whatnot. Now, everyone seems to have no need to even so much as introduce themselves.

The only time we do get to know each other is if we have a complaint.

Back in the day.

“Grandfather clocks.

It was almost a must-have decor.

My company in the 1980s gave it as a gift to employees for their 10th anniversary.”


“There used to be these spicy root beer flavored gummy candies that were shaped like mugs with a foam topping ( not the hard root beer barrels ) and I haven’t met anyone who even remembers them.”

Totally ’90s.

“Audio cassette tape pulled out and tangled in the shrubs of a strip mall.

It was the gold standard parking lot decoration of the ’90s.”

Good point.

“A common pop culture (in the US, at least).

Until at least the ’80s, most people watched the same TV show, saw the save movies, listened to the same music, could recite the same commercial slogans or jingles, bought into the same fads.

I don’t know when it happened, but now we are all siloed into highly specific subcultures.”

What happened?

“Corporate Pensions.

30 years ago, it was a standard benefit.

401ks turned out to be an excuse for corporations to junk pensions.”


“Color from the world. Everything is becoming gray scale.

Look at commercial buildings and fast food buildings.

McDonald’s used to look fun and exciting, now they’re all gray and boring.”

For real.

“Panama/Paradise papers.

Loads of high profile people were discovered funneling their taxes through offshore tax havens like the Cayman Islands.

I can’t believe this isn’t the main thing we hear about every day in MSM. The culture wars are a distraction from the top .0001% robbing the world blind.”

Rare these days.

“Big budget tv shows with hour long episodes, 10+ episodes in a season, and a season being released yearly.

Now, we get big budget shows that have at most 8 episode, and episode length can vary between 40 minutes and an hour and some change, with sometimes two or two and half years between seasons. I h**e that.

I know this is mostly to do with Covid, but I miss 10 hour long episodes and yearly seasons of shows.”

Don’t go there.

“The Bermuda Triangle.

Used to be talked about everywhere and had us wanting to avoid the area entirely.”


“Alien abduction news stories.

Seems coincidentally related to increased number of cell phones with cameras on them.”

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