What Do You Dislike About Being a Man? Here’s What Guys Had to Say.

Guys…it’s time for some REAL TALK.

Because you’re about to hear from a whole bunch of guys about what they dislike about being men.

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Just being honest…

“My d**k when there’s a emotionally distressed woman crying in my arms.

Guess it’s time to get big now…”

The dome on top.


I miss having hair to run my fingers through. In my teen years I grew it out because I knew I wouldn’t have it for the rest of my life. I miss playing with it, I miss the warmth, and the cooling ( short hair actually acts as cooling fins compared to being bald and sweat just pouring off).

I miss the sense of it being blown in the wind, I miss the slight protection against bumps and scrapes (cabinets are the bane of my existence).

When I had a girlfriend, one of the nice things she would do would be to drape her hair over my head so I could reimagine having hair.”

Be a man!

“Many people in my life assume that I can just turn off my anxiety and depression at will to “power through” because… manly man reasons.”


“As a single dad my son is generally excluded from things like park meetups or birthday parties because apparently I don’t fit in with the other parents.

I’ve probably been told it a thousand times in a thousand variations. What they actually mean is I’m a man and mums don’t want me around because it’s generally just mums.”

What are you up to…?

“Lack of emotional support.

People always think you have some hidden agenda.”

It’s where we are.

“About a month ago, I was walking down the street in Copenhagen, it was close to midnight, and I was the only one on the street.

It was dark and a bit foggy. I was minding my own business, having my headphones on. I hadn’t noticed, at some point, I was walking about 15 ft behind a young woman. She was clearly walking faster, sligtly looking over her shoulder at me.

I understood the situation, and stopped walking, pretending to look at windows, while she had time to walk out if sight. I understand why she probably was nervous, walking alone down a dark street, with and older guy walkkng behind her, and as such, gsve her space to get some distance between us. I also h**e that that’s where we are.”


“Being completely invisible.

Nobody asks you how you are doing, if you need help, or acknowledges that you exist at all. If you have problems, you just have to deal with it yourself and get over it.

On the plus side you get good at problem solving, but it can be mentally tiring and demotivating at times. A lot of men are completely starved for positive attention. Not just from women, but any kind of positive attention at all.

The last time I heard anything positive about my appearance it was from grandma. It was 15+ years ago and I am pretty sure she was drunk.

I talked with my wife about this a few years ago and she found it very weird and sad. After that she has started to say something positive from time to time to the people she work with. The first time she did it was one of her closest coworkers. He was completely dumbfounded by it.

He knew very well that it was just a friendly compliment, but he said he didn’t really know how to handle it. Because he could not remember the last time something like that had happened.”

Make the first move.

“If there’s any one thing its that I never feel like I’m desired.

If I don’t make a move no moves will be made.”


“I guess men’s fashion.

I’ve had absolutely no luck finding anything I like, and all my current clothes are very plain.”

Stressed out.

“Tons of pressure to lead, to earn, and to provide.

All while walking on a very narrow rope.”


“Today made me realize a new one.

I recently got 2 kittens and when I went outside with them today they attacked my drawstring one of their claws pierced my sack.”

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