What Do You Find Attractive That Most People Usually Don’t? Here’s What People Said.

As much as Hollywood would like you to believe otherwise, nobody is perfect.

We all have our physical flaws and imperfections, but no matter what you think may be a huge turn-off for people out there, some folks will always find it attractive…or even s*xy!

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say about what they find attractive that most people usually don’t.

1. Noses.

“I love a good, strong nose on a girl.

A girl with a Roman nose is my Kryptonite.”

2. Beautiful scars.


I really enjoy a man or woman with beautiful scars. The kind that run across your body.

I love it.”

3. Hot stuff.

“Bread winning women.

I don’t find it threatening at all.

A hot girl with a very serious/important job is a huge turn on for some reason.

Like a judge or something.”

4. Lean and lanky.

“Men who are more lean/lanky than buff or muscular are very attractive to me.”

5. Silver fox.

“Grey hair on a man is s*xy as hell.”

6. Hairy beast.

“I really like body hair.

Hairy guys are so s*xy.”

7. Nice and dirty.

“The smell of a man after working/ generally being outside for hours.

It’s like sweat, and earth, and fresh air.

Yes, please.”

8. The paler, the better.

“Naturally untanned skin.

I know that many people like this, but it is also very common to make derogatory jokes about it and many women have told me they go tanning because of this.

Nothing wrong with any skin tone – light or dark – but my weakness is a brunette with pale skin!”

9. Hey, ginger.

“I dig guys with red hair.

It started due to a particular redhead dude I had a fling with in college.

D*mn he was fun and hot and naughty.”

10. There you go.

“Visible hair on the arms of a women.

Confident women who are not afraid to stand up for their opinion (we will clash eventually, but thats okay).

Small bo*bs and tomboyish bodies.”

11. Total package.

“Stereotypical nerdy girls.

Glasses, braces, slightly acne-ridden face, introvert, super smart, and weird pitch in voice.

Bonus if it’s everything in one package.”

12. Interesting.

“Stretch marks.

Found out that people are insecure about them, I really had no idea. I have stretch marks and find bodies who do really interesting looking.

Interesting is the key.”

13. Let it all hang out.

“It’s not something i find super attractive, byt honestly, I think its cute when People have acne and show it.

It radiates confidence.”

14. Exciting.

“I’m a sucker for big, messy eyebrows.

They’re just so expressive and indicative of an exciting person.”

15. Me, too!

“I have a thing for short hair/buzz cut/shaved head on women.

I feel like way more girls could pull off buzzcuts, but it’s just scary for them.”

How about you?

What do you find attractive that most people don’t.

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