What Do You Miss About the 1990s? People Weighed In.

In case you’re too young to remember the 1990s, let me fill you in…

It was a pretty awesome time to grow up!

Good music, good movies…questionable fashion…

And today we’re gonna hear from a bunch of folks about what they miss about that great decade.

Let’s have a look!

1. It was glorious.

“Blockbuster and Pizza Hut on Friday nights.

Stack of VHS tapes, 2 Liter of Barq’s, and an extra large pepperoni.

God I miss being a kid…”

2. All the good stuff.

“Building cubby houses, playing in the creek, rollerblading, then coming home and playing Sega/Nintendo.

I miss taping stuff off the tv, hanging out in my room , still playing with toys, reading cool magazines, going through my card collections.

The hype of the cinema back in the 1990s. Not being a slave to technology, but still having wicked gadgets like Walkmans.”

3. See you there.

“Before we had mobile phones, my wife and I would plan to meet at a certain street corner at a certain time after work.

We sometimes had to wait for the other person to show up, but we knew they would.”

4. No doubt about it!

“Really was a great time in music.

The sheer diversity of what was popular was incredible.

On the radio you could hear “Lithium” by Nirvana, and then Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Game” right after it.”

5. Pretty calm.

“The 1980s was Cold war paranoia, and the 2000s was terrorist paranoia after 9-11.

The 1990s was this oasis of calm in between two paranoid decades.”

6. Leave it behind.

“Not being contactable 24/7.

The pace of leaving school/work and not having to deal with there nonsense till tomorrow.”

7. A lot different…

“I miss the Internet from the 1990s.

I spent so many hours exploring, reading things. Every webpage felt like I was visiting someone’s house, they were so personal  because design standards did not exist yet.

I enjoyed my netscape navigator. And I LOVED my IRC chat rooms. Keep in mind I was like 9 and 10. lol, so I mostly spent time in Pokemon Chat rooms that had bots.”

8. Used to be different.

“Air travel. Holy s**t, I miss ’90s air travel.

Did you know that before 9/11, it wasn’t a massive pain in the a** to go f**king anywhere?!

Loved ones could walk you right to the gate. You could bring snacks, sandwiches, and drinks onto the plane with you. The prices at Hudson News were perfectly reasonable, because if they weren’t, you could just walk out of the terminal and grab something.

You never had to take your shoes off for anything. In fact, it used to be rude to take your shoes off in the airport. That’s completely 180’d.

I used to fly 3 or 4 times a year, and it was usually pretty easy. Now, I fly maybe once every five years, and I absolutely dread it.”

9. Before the Internet took over.

“We didn’t live online yet. The internet was in it’s infancy and was a fun way to pass the time, but it hadn’t consumed us.

Business was still being done in brick and mortar stores, our social lives were offline, etc. There was almost nothing to be purchased online, other than the online bookstore called Amazon.

Pretty cool because they had a bigger inventory than you could fit in a building. And so it began.”

10. Mallrats.

“Going to the mall, and hanging out with friends.

Malls were awesome, and I h**e that the strip mall style has taken over. Especially up in Canada, where it gets to -40 in the winter. Back in the day you could legitimately spend hours wandering the mall, indoors and warm.

Now it is depressing. Maybe the big malls like Mall of America or West Edmonton Mall are still okay, but the ones in my city are s**t.”

11. You know it!


Music stores everywhere.

Music TV.

People buying music.”

12. I miss it.

“”What should we do tonight?”

“I dunno; let’s stay in and watch a movie.”

(Grabs keys to go to Blockbuster)

The effort in getting up and moving off of your couch made the movie more worthwhile, even if it was kind of a s**tty movie.”

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