12 People Who Had A Rough Start To The Year

I’m not sure that any of us have had the start to the new year that we’d hoped for, although I’m sure there are some folks out there who are absolutely killing it. You must have great karma!

Even if you’ve had a bit of a rough start, I promise it’s not as bad as these 12 people have had it – so take a scroll and feel better about your own issues!

12. That is disgusting.

I bet they just feel so appreciated.

11. Oh man, this just hurts your heart.

It looks like such a nice place, too!

10. I have never seen so much nope in one picture.

I would be banging on doors with a bucket of soapy water.

9. A brand new car.

Y’all I would just be beside myself.

8. Sadly, it seems to have been an omen.

The people packing those letters just knew.

7. There is not even a drop of grease in that thing.

I bet it took at least an hour to get a re-delivery, too.

6. Well at least you can still use it.

You just might have to wait for awhile.

5. That looks serious.

Cat scratches can be awful to heal, too.

4. That sounds awfully frustrating.

And also more than a little chilly.

3. I think that’s what’s known as a sign.

Take it as you will.

2. It’s all fun and games…

But very rarely for everyone involved.

1. Shove the cork down in and get to drinking.

Don’t let a little thing like that ruin your party.

Man, these are some rough stories, y’all. Yikes!

Have you had a tough month? Let us know why your live rivals these people’s down in the comments!