What Do You Owe A Family Member Who Has Been Judgmental In The Past?

I think that all families, no matter how close, have their issues now and again. Relationships get even more complicated when you’re dealing with blended or extended families, no matter how badly everyone involved want to make things work.

This person has one sibling, a brother who makes his living as an exotic dancer. She doesn’t have a problem with his job and enjoys the perks that sometimes float her way when he gets tickets to concerts and performances that she enjoys.

Ok to be blunt my (24F) brother (21M) is a stripper, but he’s one of the ones that put on those complex shows with pole tricks and those floating hoop things. He gets hired to perform at gigs, sometimes just to entertain, sometimes to strip etc.

He’s been hired to perform at a few concerts over the past years or so as things have opened up and when they are sfw he often offers me free tickets. I don’t know most of the artists since they are normally smaller underground concerts, but i enjoy the atmosphere so i normally go.

Their parents split after they were adults and their mother remarried, resulting in three half-siblings. The half-brothers don’t care what their brother does for a living, and at least one of them also enjoys the occasional free tickets.

The half-sister, though, grabbed what she perceived to be the moral high ground. She cut off contact with her half-brother and said he would never be able to meet her daughter.

Our parents split after I finished high school, my dad is still single but our mom had remarried, and we now have step siblings (18M, 20F, 22F). When they found out what my brother does my stepbrother didn’t really care but my step sisters freaked out, and refused to be around him, especially the older one. She has a kid (3m F) and didn’t want her to even hear about my brother.

This really damaged my relationship with them.

After he asked I started taking my stepbrother with me as he also really likes this sort of atmosphere.

Recently free tickets came up for a concert that OP and her half-brother were super excited about – and it turned out, so was the half-sister.

OP told her no way she was giving her a free ticket from the half-brother she shunned, but the sister brushed it off, saying she had to “protect” her daughter.

Now my brother offered me tickets to this gig next week, I texted my stepbro about it and he freaked out since he actually knew this small band and really liked them. But turns out so does his older sister. She found out and texted me, asking if I could get her some free tickets.

I immediately said no. she got upset and asked why, and I told her that after how she has treated my brother there was no way I was letting her use him to get free stuff.

She called me petty and that she was just being a good mother and looking out for her daughter. I then told her to stay home and look after her daughter then. She called me a few names before I just stopped responding to her texts.


Was OP wrong to tell the woman to shove it and stay home with the baby she’s so concerned about then?

Let’s hear what Reddit has to say about it!

The top comment points out that everyone loves free stuff – even hypocrites.

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Entitlement is everywhere these days, y’all.

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And everyone thinks the sister is just being totally ridiculous.

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Her whole attitude is completely gross.

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I mean, everyone loves a lollipop.

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This one definitely seems like a no-brainer, right? She doesn’t deserve anything from either of them at this point.

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