What Do You Secretly Judge People For? Here’s What People Said.

I know owning and training a dog is hard, but when I see someone out in public get a little too rough with their pet, it really gets me angry.

And I judge the HELL out of them.

What do you secretly judge people for?

Check out how AskReddit users answered that question.

The absolute worst.

“People that talk on speakerphone in public, holding the phone like a slice of pizza to their mouth, so the person on the other end can hear them clearly with all the background noise.

Because, you know, using the phone in a normal way where everyone else doesn’t hear your call is not an option.”

Out of my face!

“People who will whip their phone out to start video recording you and anything else, for everything and anything.”

Yes, you do.

“What people name their kids.

If it’s a normal name with a weird spelling, I’m judging hard.”

Gross people.

“Being a selfish, disconnected, neglectful parent who complains about being a parent even though they don’t do jack s**t for their kids.”

I’m a great person!

“When people do good for others and video it to put online.

I get that Aristotle says that the greatest good is a good that helps both parties, but it doesn’t sit well with me.

In my experience, those who go out of their way to showcase howuch a good person they are, are rarely a good person once you scratch past the thin mask.”

Come on!

“Not cleaning up after your dog.

If you do this, I believe you to be an a**hole. Cleaning off my shoe, or my kid’s shoe, blasts a 15 minute hole in my already crazy busy day, all because you don’t want to spend 5 seconds cleaning your dog’s s**t.

And don’t fool yourself that nobody is going to step there. Kids, especially, step everywhere.”

Your word is your bond.

“If they honor their word or not.

Taking charge of your words when you are not in the mental state to take charge of your emotions, is very much respectable.”


“Poor parenting in public.

Keep your toxic garbage out of public.”

Not a good move.

“Walking a dog without a leash outside of the designated areas, also, if you can not control your dog when it’s off the leash in the designated areas, don’t take it off the leash.

Doesn’t matter what the size, breed, or temperament of your dog is. If you don’t understand why, or still think it doesn’t apply to you, you don’t deserve a dog.”

We got it…

“People who can’t have a conversation without bringing religion into it… I get it… you think you’re being nice by saying your godly pleasantries, but please stop spiritualizing everything.”


“Making politics a core part of their identity.

Secret because getting into a conversation about it with those types is utterly exhausting and I’d rather avoid it.”

Whatever you say…

“People who condemn video games but watch a bunch of TV.

A good friend of mine married a woman who all but forbid him from playing video games but you bet your a** that watching 2 hours of The Office every night is fine.”

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