What Do You Think All People Can Agree On? People Shared Their Thoughts.

We may live in an incredibly divided country right now, but I think almost all Americans (and other people around the world) can agree they want the same things in life: a good job, safe places for their loved ones, and for everyone they care about to be healthy.

And that’s a start!

What do you think all people can agree on?

Here’s how folks responded on AskReddit.

1. Yes.

“F**k ads.

I think we can all agree on that.”

2. You sure about that?

“We all really need to talk to that guy about our vehicles extended warranty.

As soon as possible.”

3. Interesting.

“With exception of taste, everything about food sucks.

It expires, can be poisonous, you can be allergic, you need to p**p it out, you need it to live, if you eat too much or not enough or the wrong foods it’ll make you unhealthy, it takes up a lot of space, it’s almost impossible to decide what to have and then you have to make it, and more!”

4. For the love of God.

“If you are in the fast lane and someone is behind you…it is your civic duty to move over.”

5. Sad, but true.

“World peace will never happen, I can’t even get 6 teachers to agree on headings for student work.

Also most conspiracy theories are bulls**t. Can you imagine the number of people who have to be on the same page? Have you seen group projects?”

6. The old days…

“We all h**e COVID-19, from the amount of people affected by it, to its politicization on all sides, and all the other controversy it has generated.

Who in their right mind doesn’t wish for simpler times?”

7. We’re all clueless.

“Honestly nobody knows what the hell’s going on and that includes you, and you, and you too.”

8. Straight to Hell.

“Mosquitoes, the act of stubbing your toe, and splinters can all go burn in whatever negative afterlife exists.”

9. Oh, great.


There will always be at least one person stupid enough to disagree with facts, let alone opinions.”

10. Yup.

“That life is super weird.

Every morning I wake up wondering what the heck is happening in the world.”

11. Bingo!

“That those ads on games where the ‘X’ is so tiny that to try and close the ad, you accidentally click on the ad and it takes you to the App Store are THE WORST.”

12. True.

“It’s a miracle that we exist.

Regardless of how you believe humans came to be.”

What do you think all people can agree on?

Let us know in the comments.

We look forward to it!