What Do You Think Is the Creepiest Unsolved Mystery? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I’m obsessed with unsolved mysteries and true crime stories of all kinds.

And there are SO MANY unsolved crimes and stories out there that it can be overwhelming to wrap your head around them.

But today we’re going to point you in the right direction of some that we think you might be interested in learning about.

What do you think is the creepiest unsolved mystery?

Here’s what people on AskReddit had to say about this.

1. Unsolved.

“The Dardeen Family M**ders. Husband, pregnant wife and young son.

Wife and son bludgeoned in their bed the mother gave birth the perpetrator(s) then bl**geoned the newborn.

They found the husband s**t e**cution style outside. No fingerprints or DNA found at the scene it was completely clean.”

2. Madman on the loose.

“In the area I grew up in on Long Island, there was someone ki**ing prostitutes and burying them in the sand dunes by the beach.

They would sporadically show up.

To my knowledge, the person was never found.”

3. Local story.

“Local bar, missing man from a few years ago. Nowhere to be found.

He was dr**k and had gotten into an argument at the bar. Walked to an Arby’s at some point.

His glasses were found on the ground, but no trace of him otherwise”

4. Who was he?

“Back in the 1930s, there was a serial ki**er called the Cleveland Torso M**derer who would cut off people’s limbs, heads, and genitals, then leave the torsos behind for the police to find them.

Not only did they never figure out who the ki**er was, but they also never figured out who most of the victims were.”

5. Creepy.

“Mary Shotwell Little has always kept me up at night.

Went missing after shopping at Lenox Mall in Atlanta in 1965. She was a newlywed so she was called the Missing Bride. Reported missing by coworkers the next morning but her car was no longer in the Lenox parking lot.

Her husband was out of town and when he returned and went to Lenox to look for her, her car was now there. The car had her groceries, blood spots, and a folded pair of women’s underwear on the console.

Lots of weird details in this case like the car being returned in daylight, her credit card being used and her being spotted in NC under duress and with two men. Her body has never been found and the case is still unsolved.”

6. Cabin 28.

“The Keddie m**ders.

A quadruple h**icide in 1981 in the Sierra Nevadas. Cabin 28.

Unsolved to this day.”

7. Missing DJ.

“I recently read about one that happened in Winnipeg. This DJ went missing in the early 2000s. The bar he was last seen in and the building next door smelled of sewage in the morning.

After s**king was banned inside, it got worse. They investigated and found the DJ’s body in the wall. There was a spot they thought he climbed in, but they don’t know why.”

8. On rural roads.

“The Santa Rosa Hitchhiker M**ders in 1972-73. I grew up in the area but didn’t hear anything about it until a couple years ago. Seven girls and women were m**dered and dumped along rural roads in Sonoma County.

The case is often overshadowed by the Golden State Ki**er and Zodiac Ki**er. Who m**dered these girls in sleepy Sonoma County remains a mystery to this day.”

9. Still bothered by it.

“Two young girls who disappeared from the Oklahoma state fair in 198.

I don’t know why but this case has always bothered me.”

10. Awful.

“Femicides in Ciudad Juárez. Terrible, 1993-present.

There have been mass ki**ings of women in juarez mexico. I’m from El paso so this is pretty common knowledge. To date more than 375 women have been m**dered multiple mass graves have been found. The government won’t investigate and when they do its half-assed. Multiple ki**ers have been tried, most of them walk.

Around 1999 a man in South America claimed to have moved to Mexico at the expense of a cartel and m**dered 150 women, that one was investigated but it was never proven. I find it creepy because it’s still happening.”

11. Gloria.

“A woman named Gloria who d**d at Riverside Hospital in California in the nineties under mysterious circumstances. She was admitted to the ER because she was having complications of cancer.

Mysteriously, her body smelled like garlic and was covered with an oily sheen. All the hospital staff around her got severely ill. The hospital had to be evacuated. An independent investigation revealed absolutely nothing wrong with the hospital.

Her autopsy report came back inconclusive. Some of the hospital members who treated Gloria ended up with debilitating long term illnesses from treating her that night.

RIP Gloria.”

12. Terrifying.

“The Oklahoma Girl Scout M**ders, from the late 1970s. If you let yourself fall into the rabbit hole, it’s a good real-life horror movie with the following elements:

three girls below the age of 10 r**ed and m**dered in their tent on the first night of Girl Scout camp which shuts down for good the very next day,

a mysterious note forewarning of a triple m**der found during prep for the camp,

reports of strange occurrences in the woods the night of the m**ders, allegations that the ki**er knew ancient Cherokee shapechanging techniques that helped them evade capture,

the deaths of two of the three dogs brought in to assist with the search, one of whom inexplicably just walked into heavy traffic; there were rumors that some Cherokee medicine man put a curse on them.

a prosecution where the only person ever charged was acquitted because the defense violated the judge’s instruction not to let the jury know that he would be returned to prison to finish out an earlier sentence he’d escaped from regardless of the verdict,

and then that defendant goes back to prison and d**s of a heart attack while lifting weights … at the age of 33,

evidence that there were multiple perpetrators and that the evidence points to someone other than the one guy tried,

whom the police framed because he was Cherokee,

and speaking of the police, they went inexplicably from saying that they had tons of evidence and would soon be making an arrest to having just one fingerprint and blaming their failure on the media.

and the perpetrator(s) remaining around the area, leaving evidence from the crime behind to rattle the staff who remained after the camp closed.

Also, the regional Girl Scout council, when it bused all the campers back to Tulsa the day after the m**ders, told parents that three girls had been m**dered but didn’t tell them which ones, a real mindf**k when the buses returned that got them sued (unsuccessfully).”

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