What Do You Think Should Be Free? People Shared Their Thoughts.

In a perfect world, people would get a lot of things for free that we normally have to pay for…and a lot of times it’s stuff that we get overcharged for.

But, as you know, the world isn’t perfect and we just have to deal with it.

But still, we can all hope that someday we won’t have to pay for these things.

What should be totally free?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. True.

“Public bathrooms.

A good waste management system is crucial to any great society.”

2. Yes.


We put our money into social security and get nothing if we d**.

Social Security should be used for funeral expenses.”

3. Agreed.

“School lunch.

It’s terrible food and actually puts some people into debt.

If you actually have to eat it and can’t afford to bring your own you probably can’t afford that either.”

4. Immoral.


The markup on medical products is immoral these days.

If it costs $30 to make & sell epipens the most I would say that is conscionable to sell one for is around $45-$50.”

5. Messed up.


Companies like Nestle attempt to privatize it and sell it to you which causes severe damage to poor nations.

Specifically in Pakistan, Nestle has taken a lot of water from there in order to force them to buy their own water.”

6. Just give them to us…

“Government issued ID cards.

Requiring ID to vote but charging money to get the ID is no different than a direct poll tax, which is illegal.”

7. Amen.

“Therapy/mental health care.

I’ve put about $1200 of psychiatry appointments on a credit card with a promotional 0% interest rate, out of desperation.

No idea how I’m going to pay for it when the 0% period ends… But it’s helping, at least.”

8. Why is this a debate?

“Tampons and pads in 6-12 Public schools should be free yesterday.

It blows my mind that it’s even up for debate.”

9. Seriously.

“Parking at hospitals.

The nurses at one of our local hospitals have to pay for their parking while they’re on duty. “

10. Why not?


We already have socialized medicine for the military and old people.

Why not allow a 30 year old to have access to routine healthcare without going into debt?”

11. A hot debate.


The Internet should be considered a utility.”

12. Wouldn’t that be nice?


They say the only way to improve a lot of world issues is through education.

But in a lot of places the people who need the education cannot access it.”

13. Indeed!

“Infant formula.

Breast milk is free. So the moment a baby can’t be breastfed for whatever reason, that baby’s survival is commodified.

Formula companies have used some disgusting advertising tactics (see: Nestlé), and still do in a more sneaky way since the implementation of the WHO code, and they can get away with it because there are babies who need that formula to survive and families are going to do whatever they can to provide it.

I have so much more to say, but not enough time to say it because, ironically, I’m breastfeeding my own baby and she’s about to need a burp. But if you’re interested, I highly recommend The Politics of Breastfeeding, by Gabrielle Palmer.”

14. Standardized testing.

“The SAT. Better yet just don’t have it.

It’s just another money barrier. SAT is literally an empty acronym. It was designed to test for “scholastic aptitude” meaning that no matter what chances you were given in life, this would just test your brains.

Unfortunately, the creator did it this way to weed out students of low class families and students of colour, as he believed them to naturally be of lower aptitude then wealthy white students.

He also supported eugenics. The test has been changed and remodeled but it still isn’t necessary. If they really need us to take it at least don’t charge us for it.”

What do YOU think should be free?

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