What Do You Want to Buy But You’re Not Sure if It’s Worth the Money? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I’m considering buying a new (to me) car sometime in the near future but I keep asking myself, is it worth it?

Should I spend the money on a new ride or should I just drive my current vehicle (The Silver Stallion) until it has to be put out to pasture?

Something to think about…

What do you want to buy but you’re not sure if it’s worth it?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. Get the right shot!

“An expensive camera.

I’ve never been into photography but I’m seeing more and more opportunities for the use of a camera while birding. Sometimes I get a quick glimpse of a bird bur not enough to get a positive ID. I think that if I got a photo I could then attempt an ID at home, at my leisure, with all my field guides available.

But do I really want to drop a grand or more to add a few birds to my year list?”

2. They sound nice.

“A weighted blanket.

Are they hot?

I don’t want it to be hot. I live in the Caribbean.”

3. Two choices.

“Tattoo removal VS just getting it covered up

I work at a tattoo shop so the cover up would be free… but I’d have to show my mentor the tattoo in question… a tramp stamp that says “work hard play harder” and I know he’d never let me live it down.”

4. All the rage right now.

“An air fryer.

Everyone is telling me they’re fantastic but I’d h**e to buy one and only use it once or twice.”

5. Classin’ it up.


I don’t know a lot about art but a few months ago after lunch I started walking around the block and walked into an art gallery to k**l time and I fell in love with this painting.

The thing is, it’s $900 and I don’t have that kind of money just sitting around and don’t really want to use a credit card for it.”

6. Big decision.

“Honestly…a house.

I’m single, and I know it’s a terrible market, and all my friends ever do on the weekend is talk about how they need to fix different parts of the house.

My rent increased 17% this year, and I’d love to have a house to make it seem like the money isn’t completely going to waste, but I don’t want to spend my life thinking about ways to fix it up. I’m not even that handy of a person, so the result wouldn’t be anything amazing, I’m sure.”

7. Is it worth it?

“A stand mixer.

I bake pizza dough and cookies enough to perhaps consider one, but not enough to justify $300 or whatever the most trusted brands cost.”

8. Indecisive.

“Anything. I don’t know what the problem is.

I make a good living for myself and I am not burdened with debt but anything outside of the basics needs in life I really ask myself if what I want is worth the money.

It doesnt matter if it is a newer vehicle or a spatula.”

9. Pricey.

“An in-ground swimming pool. I know it’s not worth it.

The challenging geography where I live means even a small-to-medium pool would run close to $100K. We would get nothing for it when we eventually sell the house.

The people I know who have a pool either tolerate it barely or actively h**e it. It is a blatant waste of money even for people who have more disposable income than we do.”

10. Hmmm…

“Network attached storage.

I am managing with external hard drives but it seems really convinient.

The only problem is the price.”

11. Get moving!

“One of those under the desk treadmills.

I think better when I’m on the move, but I’m not sure if the treadmill would have the same effect.”

12. Just do it!

“The Dyson air wrap. I bought a cheaper knockoff off amazon, and it’s okay, but I get nowhere near the same results as everyone else who talks about it.

I don’t know if it’s because I bought a cheap version or because it legitimately wouldn’t work for me, but I have a hard time justifying $550 on a hair tool, even if it’s multi use.”

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