What Do You Like to Collect? Here’s What People Had to Say.

I don’t collect as much stuff as I did when I was younger, but I used to collect all kinds of cool stuff: old movie posters, hockey memorabilia, VHS tapes.

Maybe I need to get back into it…I guess time will tell…

What do you like to collect?

Let’s see what people had to say about this on AskReddit.

1. Anybody out there?

“I try to collect space stuff.

I’ve got a couple mars meteorite fragments, a moon meteorite fragment, a normal meteorite and other stuff.”

2. Cool.

“Art Books.

When I’m sad I just like looking through them as if I had my own little museum.

I guess in a way I never grew out of picture books.”

3. I love maps!


My apartment is decorated with maps of places that have shaped me into who I am.”

4. Music nut.


I currently have about 20, but have owned about 100 over the course of my life. Constantly selling and trading and trying new things out.

Hoping to pick up a couple that have been on my list a while this year.”

5. That’s a new one.

“Shark sculptures.

Not as easy to find as dolphins and whales, etc. when I do, they are hard to pass up.

Anything different like glass, stone, coral, metal, etc.”

6. In miniature.

“Small scale items. Like small scale foods.

I eventually want to make scale model rooms and use those as decor.”

7. From way back.

“Vintage teacups.

I like the combination of simple plain looking outer design with gorgeous inner design such as flowers or shiny gold ribbons. Calming and peaceful outside but exciting and adventurous inside at the same time. I find that fun.

Unfortunately I only have few because I live in a small place. I use them every now and then to adore their beauty.”

8. Military historian.

“Old military gear. My collection is still small, but it’s growing.

Got a helmet, backpack, canteens, and soon a rifle from WWI.”

9. Unique.

“Mortar and pestle sets. My first was my grandmother’s from nursing school.

Since then I receive them as gifts, collect them at tourist spots, and pick up any neat looking ones I stumble upon.

It’s fun to see the random places you can find them and all of the interesting kinds of materials and shapes!”

10. Whoa!


I have 168 of them and I have been collecting them since high school.”

11. The way it used to be.

“Rotary phones.

I tend to look for the ones that are more unique, like a certain plug, from a certain place, a unique purpose, etc.

They’re really cool and I enjoy learning about each new piece I pick up.”

12. You can never have enough.

“Pens…especially if they glide smoothly while writing.

Others I collect just because theyre cool looking or unique.

I used to work at a nursing home and a patient there also collected pens, when she passed she left me all her pens and I still have them.”

13. That’s a lot!

“Neckties. I have over 400.

I’m a teacher and I wear a different one each day all year.”

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