What Do You Have No Sympathy For? Here’s What People Said.

There are A LOT of things that I have no sympathy for

In fact, there are too many for me to even go into right now…

But we’re going to hear from folks on AskReddit about how they feel about this.

Let’s take a look!

1. The worst.

“People who throw tantrums and yell at workers.

Not minimum wage workers, just anyone.

If you throw tantrum and yell at someone, you’re a childish piece of s**t.”

2. Scum of the Earth.

“People who prey on elderly people.

Whether it is through scams, theft, violence, or whatever.”

3. Bad move.

“People who have kids to fix their problems and then project those problems onto said kids.

Kids aren’t band-aids, they’re humans.”

4. You asked for it.

“People who provoke animals and then get k**led or maimed when the animal lashes out.

You’re a piece of s**t if you think it’s okay to wind up or frighten an animal to the point that it attacks you, and you deserve what’s coming to you.”

5. So lame.

“People making fun of new people at the gym or overweight people working out.

They’re putting in an effort that is clearly uncomfortable for them. It takes a lot of courage to step outside your comfort zone.”

6. An obvious one.

“Burglars who end up getting injured or attacked while inside someone else’s house.

Literally would not have happened if you hadn’t been breaking into someone’s house.”

7. Seriously.

“People who believe everything they hear on the internet.

Also, the people spreading misinformation and refusing to research said topics.”

8. Don’t ever do it.

“People who drink and drive and either d** or get arrested.

When I was 10 or so I saw a really bad car accident. D**nk driver crossed median on highway and hit a mini van head on. The minivan had 5 people in it. 1 person was alive when I got out of my dads truckc(he was trying to help people) and walked over to the van. The driver was alive but pinned and screaming. The other 4 were very d**d.

The d**nk driver was trying to run away and fight people who were trying to stop him. He wasn’t hurt at all.

I have zero tolerence for friends that do it too. One of my best friends in high school mentioned in passing that he had driven home d**nk once. Havent talked to him since.”

9. Fire hazard.

“People who choose to stay in an active wild fire zone.

If Calfire comes to your house and asks you to vacate, f**king leave.

Don’t put EMS and Fire at risk just because you didn’t want to leave.”

10. Trashy.

“Young “adults” that were 100% irresponsible, had a child, and now do nothing but complain about it or try to pawn their kid off so they can go party and repeat the mistake.”

11. Both of these.

“People who refuse to try and blame everyone else for their situation, when there are literally dozens of options.

And people who refuse to use logic in debates.”

12. Not an excuse.

“People who judge and h**e others for their race, s**, disability, etc. because “they were brought up that way” or “they had a bad experience” with some people from said group.

Something in you should say “hey, I’m going out of my way to be h**eful towards a random ass stranger just because of something they have no control over. I’d h**e it if I were treated like this for the same reason, so why am I doing this?”

No one is born with these prejudices, they’re learned, meaning that they should and CAN be unlearned.”

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