What Are Turn-Offs When Talking to Someone New? Here’s What People Had to Say.

There are some things that immediately turn me off if I’m talking to someone new.

Two of them are people who talk about how much money they make and people who name drop.


It just comes off as so gross to me!

What turns you off when you’re talking to a new person?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded to this question.

1. Big money!

“Trying to impress me with money or discussions of things they buy with their money when they are clearly attempting to show off that they have a lot.

Same thing with connections, like great, you know an important person. These always seem like thinly veiled attempts to cover up feelings of ineptitude, lack of true friends, or just inferiority complex in general.”

2. I’ll be right with you.

“Inability to disconnect from social media for even a short period of time.


3. I love the ending.

“A girl I took out on a first date spent a decent amount of time talking about how much money she would get when her parents d**d…they were both happy and healthy in their 50s.

She also told me the music I had on (it was the radio) sucked and that her dad told her what REAL music was and I needed to listen to that. Then she said her parents told her she was conceived to a Jimi Hendrix song so she knew what good music was because it was in her DNA.

She was so busy talking about herself that she didn’t notice I did a 3 point turn and headed right back to her house.”

4. No, thank you!

“Someone who just feeds off drama. Like doesn’t talk about anything else but things that are going on with other people.

I’m trying to get to know you, not some random sorority girl and what she did last weekend.”

5. One-sided.

“They don’t give and take in the conversation.

They don’t reciprocate the questions I’m asking them.”

6. Can’t get a word in.

“When they keep interrupting you while you’re trying to speak.

Especially when you get asked a question and before you can answer they either ask another one or interject something completely irrelevant.”

7. Here’s the deal…

“If they immediately start talking about their ideal partner in great detail, being really specific about who this person should be and the things they should like and be into, especially when this includes how this person should be in the bedroom – what they should do and like doing.”

8. Gossipy.

“When they start the conversation with a gossip.

An example is my experience with this woman in my daughter’s preschool (before the pandemic) who would start a conversation about this/that person, anyone she knows that I knew nothing about, and she claims she has “connections” with certain “well known” people.

Really off-putting, and it was just the first week of classes.”

9. Specific.

“Super specific, but I h**e it when people give me a weird look or comments when i tell them about my special interests.

It’s hard for me to open up about my interests because of that exact reason.”

10. Way to go!

 Talking about fighting, or how you “put someone in their place”.

Oh some guy cut in line at the taco shop so you knocked him out? I now think you’re psycho or a liar.

Either way I don’t think you’re the “bada**” you think you are.”

11. It wasn’t me.

“Someone who can’t realize that they are the cause of their problems, everything is usually someone else’s fault.”

12. See you later.

“My wife and I were talking to someone who we haven’t seen in a while.

We were in the middle of a convo, responding to a question she asked, and she just whips out her phone and starts scrolling. Rude.

My wife and I glance at each other, and like on cue we stopped talking immediately and just left her standing there.”

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