What Does Society Refuse to Accept as Unhealthy? Here’s What People Said.

Is it just me, or does it seem like health standards change constantly?

You better believe it!

And today we’re going to get a dose of what people think society doesn’t accept as unhealthy these days…

Let’s see what these folks had to say

1. Obsessed.

“Loving celebrities to the point where you pay attention to literally everything they do.

It’s stalking when you do the same to ordinary people, so why is it different with celebrities?”

2. Once in a while.


Drink mostly water.

You can have a soda from time to time. Just don’t drink only soda.”

3. Be on the lookout.

“Snacks or foods that have the words vegi or fruit in them.

Like children’s gummy “fruit” snacks.”

4. Beware.

“Fruit smoothies, 90% sugar most of the time.

Should be treated the same a drinking a milkshake.

Yeah there are some vitamins but your blood sugar is going to h**e you.”


“Acting like obese people are healthy.

They aren’t yet society and media is encouraging people to live unhealthy life styles and be as fat as possible. We should not be encouraging people to weigh 300+ pounds and call it healthy and beautiful. It’s neither of those things.

There is a reason doctors will tell you outright, that continuing that lifestyle will k**l you.”

6. Slow it down.

“For me, it’s got to be the constant glorification of business and overworking.

Society seems to constantly praise people who are constantly busy and constantly working, even if it’s to the detriment of their mental and physical health. It’s like we’ve forgotten that rest and relaxation are important for our overall well-being.

But if you try to speak out against this culture of overworking, you’re often met with eye rolls or accusations of laziness. It’s time for society to accept that rest is just as important as work and that it’s okay to prioritize self-care.”

7. Dividing us.

“Social media’s influence on the polarization of perspectives, and not just in very visible political contexts.”

8. Amen!

“Lack of sleep.

Sleep is not for the weak it’s an essential part of your health and can impact others’ lives (driving tired etc).”

9. Creepy.

“Filtering the f**k outta your every single picture of yourself to the point you don’t look like the real you and people encouraging this.

That’s just sweeping body image issues under the rug and promoting them.”

10. It’s weird.

“Ads for prescription drugs.

As a European, this really made me feel strange watching TV in the US.”

11. Not a good thing.

“I know it’s that time of year, but here in the UK, drinking.

And not just getting dr**k, I’ve seen people post in here bragging about how they’re on their 4th day of binge drinking like they’re proud.

As the son of a late al**holic, it hurts to see.”

12. Overload.

“It’s absurd how much sugar is in everything. I

’m not against sugar by any means, I just want to eat it for dessert — not when I’m trying to make a healthy meal or snack.

Peanut butter does not need added sugar.”

13. Yuck.

“Wine mom culture. It’s celebrated in media, with merch, and normalizes alco**lism.

My mom is an in-denial-al**holic whose drink of choice is wine, and she genuinely believes she doesn’t have a problem because “wine isn’t al**hol, it’s just wine”.”

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