What Everyday Skill Becomes Suspicious if You’re Too Good at It? Here’s What People Said.

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What skills become suspicious if you’re too good at them?

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Got it all figured out.

“Spatial awareness…

I can look at something and tell you wether or not it will fit onto a wall, into a box or car, through a hallway or stairwell, etc. I was at a shipping store a few months ago and a guy was in line behind me trying to figure out which size box to get for the box he was trying to fit into it.

I pointed at a specific size and said, “That one, but only if you put your box in this side up”. It slid in perfectly and he gave me the weirdest look.

Somehow though, I always seem to bump into the corners of tables.”

2. No big deal.

“Being unbothered by blood and guts.

I’m a veterinarian. I’ve spent days up to my elbows in all manner of bodies and parts and fluids. I can watch surgery or necropsy videos over lunch.

I did an eye surgery on Tuesday and somebody had to catch the new kid. The big ones aren’t allowed to get faint, it’s very inconvenient.”

3. Are you a criminal?

“Counting bills quickly.

Learned when in Uzbekistan, a place where the highest denomination was 1,000 but a meal at a restaurant cost 20-30k.”

4. Real genius.

“I have a friend who could memorize numbers – especially plates of vehicles.

He’d then be able to recall it after months in totally random conversations.”

5. All kinds of pills.

“Being able to recognize pills.

No I’m not a drug dealer, I just work in a pharmacy and some of them are very recognizable.”

6. I’m not a creep.

“Remembering things about people.

I’ve lied about not knowing things to not seem like a creep.”

7. A good skill to have.

“Avoiding people.

Everyone assumes I’m up to something because I spend so much time alone and out of sight.”

8. Are you following me?

“Knowing a friend’s schedule.

Especially for close friends, I’ve remembered their schedules just from them randomly bringing up what classes they have in conversations.”

9. This gives me anxiety.

“Moving through unreasonably tight and cluttered spaces normally.

My friends and I used to hang out at an extremely cluttered warehouse that belonged to a hoarder friend. It was full to the point where moving at all without getting stuck on something or causing a garbage avalanche was difficult.

And there I was just gliding through hills of hoarded garbage like some kind of ghost, they told me it was creepy.”

10. Strange…

“Remembering things about them they forgot. I told my friend I was getting a job at a store we know.

She told me, “I think I’ve been there before”.

Then I told she has and I repeated the conversation we had, word for word. I got some weird looks from her.”

11. Wish I knew how…

“I’ve forgotten my appartment key to the point that I can pick my own lock.

People find that suspicious.”

12. What are you up to?

“In my line of work, sales, there is a method called “mirroring” where you try to mimic the customers tone and energy to be more relatable.

I’ve spent many years trying to read people and am introverted as it gets. So I like to think I do this very well, with my fellow men being the easiest to “read”. Well, my employer noticed this and refers to it as an advanced sales tactic.

They pulled me into a zoom with other employees who suck at closing sales and had me try to teach it to them.”

13. Hmmm…


And not like the every day white lies like “how are you?” “I’m okay.”

No, I mean the Keyser Soze kind of lying.”

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