What Famous People Left Us Way Too Soon? Here’s What People Had to Say.

It’s always sad to see a beloved celebrity leave us too soon.

Three that really stick out to me from when I was younger are River Phoenix, John Candy, and Chris Farley.

All three of them were young and had so much more life to live…

What famous people do you think left us way too soon?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Great singer.

“Otis Redding, one of the best songwriters of the 1960s.

D**d at 26.”

2. Gone too soon.

“Brandon Lee.

He had the talent and the looks.

If he hadn’t passed…I think he would have been Neo in The Matrix.”

3. Sad story.


What a heartbreaking story.

The lady is absolutely bonkers too.”

4. Awful.

“Heath Ledger.

Brokeback Mountain and then The Dark Knight.

He wasn’t becoming a special actor. He was one.”

5. Tragedy.

“Anton Yelchin.

My wife and I visited his grave at Hollywood Forever (amongst many others) a few years back and it breaks my heart that his family is there at his graveside every day.

He was truly a great actor who would have gone to do great things.”

6. He was awesome.

“Alan Rickman.

I read the excerpt of his journals yesterday and wow, what a mind.

He was articulate, so witty, so intelligent, and suffered silently with prostate cancer and pancreatic cancer before quietly leaving us.

What a man.”

7. Comedy genius.

“John Ritter.

He was so fun, and such a good person. TV lost a lot when he d**d. Would have been a terrible loss at any time, but he was only 55.

I can’t watch that episode of Scrubs without just sobbing.”

8. A real heartbreaker.

“John Candy

R.I.P Uncle Buck.”

9. Sad.

“Chadwick Boseman.

I’m always going to wonder about the future he could have had. He was doing such great work and having a profound impact on so many people.

When I see Wakanda Forever, I imagine I will be crying for most of it.”

10. He was great.

“River Phoenix.

I think he would’ve had the career Leonardo DiCaprio has today.”

11. He is missed.

“Robin Williams.

So much emotion and feeling and life in his acting.

How he d**d makes it even worse.”

12. Genius.

“Freddie Mercury.

Freddie’s d**th was a hard one.

I watched his last music video and it is so sad to watch.”

13. Great men.

“Mr. Rogers and Steve Irwin.

Everybody has disappointed me in life. I trust nobody. But for some reason I feel like those 2 would’ve been the safest to put trust in. They both had an innocence about them.

A genuine love that came out from within them. They made television shows that made people feel better, understand the world better. The world was so much more poorer when they left.”

Who do you think left us too soon?

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