What Food Do You Think People Only Pretend to Like? Here’s What Folks Had to Say.

I know I’m gonna catch some grief for this, but I just can’t get into Ethiopian food on any level.

And yes, I’ve tried it more than once at two different restaurants in the city I live in, so it’s not like I haven’t given it a shot…

But that’s just my opinion…and maybe it’s time to give it another shot…

What food do you think people only pretend to like?

Let’s hear from AskReddit users about this.

1. Yummy!


My mom-in-law made some at my house, and it smelled like a grown man s**t all over my home and walls.”

2. Survival food.


I can’t imagine someone coming in from a long day of work and tucking into a plate of fishy smelling, ammonia flavored chewy shark chunks that make you smell like a bait camp for the rest of the evening.

It seems like survival food – you will stay alive if you eat it, but it’s not appealing … to me.

If you’re Icelandic – please help me understand why this is a thing.”

3. Makes you gag.

“Tripe, the smell of it makes me gag.

My dad loves it because his dad loved it.”

4. Just being polite.

“Cat food.

I mean come on, my cat can’t like eating that every day.

I think she’s just being polite.”

5. Yuck.

“Circus Peanuts.

There’s no way people are actually out there enjoying those things,but enough people pretend to keep them in business.”

6. A weird cult.

“Stevia…there’s absolutely no way someone enjoys that aftertaste.

It’s a weird cult that I’m not willing to join and such a dominant flavor.”

7. Can’t do it.


My GFs family is Filipino and I tried this a few months ago. I’m a pretty adventurous eater but the textures and visuals were just too much for me.

Her mom ate hers and finished mine, she loves it.”

8. Substitutes.

“Any of those keto substitute foods.

Use your imagination as much as you’d like but lettuce wraps will never be as good as a real sandwich with bread.”

9. Not for everyone.

“Extremely hoppy IPAs (if drinks can be included in the discussion).

I enjoy bitterness in my beer, and I know there are some good IPAs out there, but it’s gotten to the point that breweries seem to be competing with one another to see who can make the bitterest, most unappealing beers imaginable.

They taste like earwax.”

10. Horrific.

“Flaming Hot Cheetos Mac and Cheese.

It’s horrific.

The color red it turns into isn’t something that should exist on food.”

11. I just learned a new term.

“Stunt foods on Instagram.

Pizza cones, Barria meat Ramen, and of course when they freaking drown a burger, and I mean waterboard it with melted cheese.”

12. Try it!


People will be like “I love grapefruit” and then proceed to dump enough sugar on it to lose a foot.”

13. You’re wrong!

“Mushrooms!! Like, its a joke right?

People don’t actually enjoy this s**t.

It’s an elaborate prank being played on me yeah?”

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