We’ve all heard the not-super-appetizing stories about how hot dogs are made…yuck!

But they sure are delicious, don’t you think?

You know it! But still…kinda gross…

What food sounds fine until you learn how it’s made?

Here’s how AskReddit users responded.

1. Didn’t know.

“I once was at a conference in Japan.

Me and some friends went into a small restaurant for dinner. My French colleague insisted on ordering Foie Gras, besides other things.

I knew the German name for this but not the French one, so I didn’t know what he ordered there until I later called my boyfriend and he told me.

In Germany you can’t even produce Foie Gras due to obvious animal welfare problems with literally force feeding geese into developing a fatty, sick liver just to eat it.”

2. That’s a bummer.

“I was surprised to learn from people who’ve worked on farms just how bloody harvesting crops is.

There’s not really a good way to clear out wild animals so all of them get ripped to shreds by the heavy machinery moving through the fields.

I miss being able to assume no animals d**d making my produce.”

3. Scraps.

“While off-putting I see no problems with some of the “scraps” we eat.

It’s perfectly fine to me that I’m eating the scraps of chicken in chicken nuggets. Gelatin from bones and ligaments. The reject pieces of animal being used to make so many great foods or items. People want to say the Natives had the right idea, using every part of the animal.

But suddenly turning around to say eating black pudding is disgusting? I feel better knowing that we used every ounce of that cow, the cow didn’t d** in vain. The cow was used for milk, once done with that stage sold for meat. The meat market sells the bones for dog bones, gelatin, beef stock, literally anything else. Nothing goes to waste.

Don’t get me wrong the treatment from cow to meat and then the food waste alone is problematic but that’s not what the thread is about. We use every part of every item. ‘Scuse me, I have nuggets in the oven that are ready.”

4. Never had it.

“Black Pudding is a common breakfast food, but kinda messed up when you think about how it’s made.”

5. Hell no.

“Cranberry harvesting.

There are a lot and I mean a ridiculous amount of spiders especially Wolf spiders, everywhere.

They crawl up the machines, they crawl up the people harvesting them it’s a nightmare.”

6. Now that’s ruined.

“Gummy Bears ( or just gummies in general).

Took me 19 years to find out that the way they’re made is with pig carcasses and bones.”

7. Hmmm…

“Cheez whiz. It’s transparent until they add the orange coloring.

I don’t know why but that makes me nope out. Not like Cheez Whiz is a salad or anything, don’t get me wrong.

But I don’t think I fully comprehended just how fake it was until I found that out.”

8. Messed up.

“Goose liver.

The goose has been force fed corn and fatty foods its entire life causing intense strain on the liver as it swells and bloats within their body, resulting in better flavor at significant expense of the goose quality of life.”

9. What’s that smell?


Comes from processing cattle faces, noses and ears still attached. I worked in a tannery, the face doesn’t have any viable use once tanned so it’s cut from the rest of the hide.

Fun Fact: the truck only came once a week and the pieces were stored outside in a half walled shed, so during summer the smell could be rather…ripe.”

10. Avoid them.

“Avocados from Mexico.

I just learned about the avocado cartel and how they make more money than the drug cartels and it’s insane. Do some research.

Don’t eat avocados from Mexico.”

11. Wow.

“Fish sauce

I went to a fish sauce factory in Vietnam a few years ago. In a giant silo, they put in 1 tonne of fish, and 1 tonne of salt.

After a year, they open a tap at the bottom of the silo, and hey presto, the liquid that pours out is fish sauce.”

12. Thanks, Grandma.

“My German/Polish grandmother made Czernina – Duck Blood Soup.

Being a good farm wife, she would go out to the shed where my grandfather kept some of his birds (chicken, ducks, geese, guinea fowl, peahens, peacocks and a few more I don’t remember). She usually was able to grab a duck on the first try and slit its throat with the straight edge razor she used for butchering small animals. She would squeeze the blood into her steel Thermos bottle, cap it and butcher the duck (sometimes a chicken).

She would roast or fry the bird and make the Czernina which smells exactly like you would think boiled blood smells like but worse. It would take at least a week for the smell to leave the house.

There were times when she would send me to school with her Thermos bottle (filled with milk this time) to school a day or two after she washed out the blood.

Of course, she also made Jello salad with peas, carrots and corn in it. Also, tuna hot dish. There’s no such thing as a casserole in Wisconsin or Minnesota, its proper name is Hot Dish, that’s a hill I will d** on.”

Are there any foods that you refuse to eat because of how they’re made?

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