What Gets More Annoying as You Get Older? People Shared Their Thoughts.

I live on a pretty busy street and it drives me INSANE when people drive like maniacs as they cruise past my house.

And guess what?

I never, ever thought I’d say something like that…but that means that I’m getting older, friends!

And today we’re gonna hear from folks on AskReddit about what gets more annoying to them as they get older.

Take a look!

1. Annoyed.

“Petty stuff.

Like clothes not drying up completely and they end up smelling damp.”

2. Drives me nuts.

“People that just do not pay attention. Also, while in traffic, people who disregard others around them, and neglect safety, and disrespect personal property.

People who drive recklessly, aggressively, and selfishly is probably my biggest agitation. I genuinely do not understand how we can be so careless, hurtful, and mean sometimes.”

3. Makes me crazy.

“People who not only yell while they’re on the phone, but do this while having their call on speaker in a public place.”

4. So trashy.

“Kids doing stupid garbage to go viral for invisible approval. Licking ice cream in Walmart freezers & putting it back.

Testing positive for covid & sneezing in peoples’ faces. Literally filming yourself in front of a dead body for views. People are idiots.”

5. Too many distractions.

“Distractions, they are everywhere and honestly I don’t think it’s just age that makes them seem like they are increasing. I feel like I’m constantly being distracted by things I’m not interested in.

Stopped watching television, can’t take all the commercials especially the drug ones and political ones.

Can’t the world just let us focus on what’s really wrong and let us try to make it better instead of making us turn away.”

6. Don’t do this.

“Coworkers coming to work sick.

I didn’t care before but now I realized (after a long 28 years) I h**e getting sick because when I do I’m DONE for at least a week.

Also the selfishness of others tends to bother me more and more as I get older. This falls in that category I guess.”

7. Open your eyes!

“People who aren’t self aware.

There is a huge free weight area at my gym and people will still come and start working out like 3 feet away from me like its no big deal.

I’ve lost a lot of patience for people who dont pay attention to their surroundings.”

8. Joyless.

“The older I get the less joy I find myself getting out of the things that used to excite me.

Video games, TV shows, books, Lego……nothing really excites me anymore. I’m 40…wife, kids, dogs, 2 cars, small house but newly remodeled…..wife and I kept our jobs during the pandemic and actually came out ahead thanks to the stimulus payments.

By all accounts I’m in a great position and should be having the time of my life. Call it burn out, depression, exhaustion….I don’t know….all I do know is that every year older I seem to get the less I enjoy the things I used too. I wish that would change.”

9. That sucks.

“33 and still battling with acne. Like, I was okay with it at 13, I thought it was the normal teenage phase s**t.

I also was kinda sorta fine with it at 23, thinking Im just a late bloomer type who does stuff longer then others. At 33 and no change in sight I’m f**king p**sed I got done dirty.”

10. I’m scared!

“I used to be with ‘it’, but then they changed what ‘it’ was.

Now what I’m with isn’t ‘it’ anymore and what’s ‘it’ seems weird and scary.

It’ll happen to you!”

11. Ugh.

“People who refuse to learn new things or educate themselves.

Willfully ignorant, obtuse, purposefully dense. Whatever you call it, but especially those who are proud or stubborn about it. It’s not cute, just grow up and admit you’re wrong sometimes.

No you’re not too old to learn, you’re not stuck in your ways, it’s not old habits or it used to be fine. You just don’t want to change and are stubborn. At least admit it.”

12. I hear that!

“Cold weather. I used to love bundling up with some hot chocolate and a good movie.

Now I just think about how expensive the heating is and if my car will start.”

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