What Goes into Food Around the World

Image Credit: Facebook

Every country and culture is connected to their food in intimate, evolving, and important ways – which is to say, we all put that special something into our food that makes us who we are. It connects us as a people, defines us in some ways to the people coming in from the outside, and sure…it can be a little funny if you phrase it right.

So, without further ado, here’s what goes into the food from different countries around the world.

14. America

13. Italy

12. Greece

11. Hungary

10. Latin America

9. France

8. Canada

7. China

6. Wales

5. Poland

4. The Philippines

3. India

2. England

1. Ireland

I’m mostly American with a dash of Irish, because what is dinner without potatoes?

Where do you fall? Did they nail it? Let us know!