What Happens to Your Body When You Shower at Night

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who shower in the morning and those who shower at night.

I belong in the latter category. For years, I showered in the morning before I went to school, but when I got a little bit older I found that taking a shower at night helps me sleep better, not to mention getting all the grime and dirt of the whole day off of my body.

But what actually happens to your body when you shower at night?

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Well, it turns out that an evening shower has a lot of benefits but you have to time it perfectly.

Studies show that showering before you go to sleep can help you snooze better and helps with overall relaxation but the trick is that you don’t want to hit the shower directly before you go to bed because you don’t want to heat up your body that close to trying to sleep.

So the trick is to take a hot shower about an hour and a half before bedtime and that way your body will have time to cool down before you slide in between the sheets.

And, as an added bonus, folks at the National Sleep Foundation say that your creams and moisturizers can work better on your face if you wash your face in the shower at night.

Now you gotta do it!

Sleep tight!

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