What Have You Given Up Because of Inflation? Here’s What People Said.

Unless you’ve been hiding in your basement, you’ve noticed that everything is a little more expensive lately.

Gas, groceries, going out to eat, the list goes on and on…

So what have you had to give up because of the increased prices due to inflation?

Let’s hear what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Not right now.

“Everything that used to keep me sane.

Used to go to Home Depot just to buy stuff and f**k around with my carpentry skills.

Used to be a non-issue but now so expensive I can’t do anything.”

2. The dream is gone.

“The dream of owning a home.

I’m in my 30s and married with a good job. I always assumed it would be the next stage of life for us but the prices have gone up so much it’s just not possible for this generation.”

3. Definitely not the good stuff.

“I went to the store last night and bought ramen and clearance shelf otter pops.

So, probably my preferred groceries.”

4. Not worth it.

“Ordering any kind of takeout.

$20 for one person for a mediocre meal?

No thanks.”

5. Stay off the road.

“I’ve really tried to reduce my car usage.

It started with eliminating car commuting. On days where I feel well, I commute completely with a bike. My company reimburses monthly bus passes, so on days where I’m too tired, I combined bussing and biking, and it’s perfect.

I used to live a lot closer to work (~1.5mi) and had to move further (~8mi), but the new area is a lot easier to run errands without a car because the main road is flanked by neighborhood streets that are good for biking. This area is also usually slammed by traffic and not having to be a part of that is a blessing.

I probably haven’t managed to save any money though. It’s only allowed me to keep my budget hobby, and recently tinkering with bikes have just provided me with a lot of type 2 fun.”

6. Your heart thanks you.


Pre-Covid: 4 12-packs for $12. Currently: 1 12-pack for $7.99.

I’m sure my heart thanks the soda companies for helping me on this journey.”

7. No way.

“Upgrading my house.

The difference in price between what I have and what I want just shot through the roof, and with interest rates so high, there’s no way I’m switching houses.”

8. Darn…

“My mood stabilizer.

Fairly expensive, and it was having on effect on my liver, so…. I quit.”

9. Sorry…

“Being a good tipper.

I used to so proudly give $2 on a $10 meal. Now the meal price shot up to $15, and tipping recommendations on the slip is like 20-25%.

I’m sorry y’all. I don’t want to pay $20 for my lunch.”

10. Cutting down.

“Haven’t turned on my heating yet when usually it’s at 21 Celcius.

Taking short showers where I used to drift off for like 15 minutes. Natural gas prices are just too d**n high.

Took some getting used to but actually don’t mind anymore.”

11. Depressing.

“Expensive steaks or once or twice a month now I don’t buy any shrimp or seafood no more paper plates still holding in there with good toilet paper.

Used to buy the Starbucks brand coffee but it’s two bucks more than the other brand that’s just as good. No Halloween candy this year. if I go somewhere I make sure I can do all my stops in one trip I only cut my hair every 2 months now.

I worked hard all my life only got 6 months worth of unemployment and my whole life put my daughter through college and my sons are both doing well. There will be no funeral cremation is a must at this point.”

12. Wiped out.

“Takeout, ubers, and new games.

I already cut everything else out years back due to needing to burn money on elderly care.

I had plans to take money out of the 401k to buy a house some day… now thats wiped out.”

Now it’s your turn!

Tell us what you’ve had to give up because of inflation.

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