What Minor Inconvenience Instantly Makes You Mad? People Responded.

If I’m in a hurry and I hit a little bit of traffic or the line at the store is a few people deep, I immediately throw up my hands and get p**sed off.

I know it’s stupid but I can’t help it!

And I always get over it after about 30 seconds…

But still…it’s annoying…

What minor inconvenience makes you mad?

AskReddit users shared their thoughts.

1. Annoying.

“Bad UI/UX.

Things that could be done in fewer steps but somehow became unnecessarily complicated.”

2. Hang up and shut up.

“When couples randomly call their partners and put them on speakerphone, while dining out or driving.”

3. Road rage.

“When I signal to change lanes and the person in that lane accelerates, preventing me from changing lanes.

Nothing else has ever made me rage in the car, but that does it every time.”

4. Always painful.

“Biting the inside of my cheek.

If it breaks the membrane, it’s a 99% guarantee I’ll have a canker sore there in a few days.”

5. Get to the good stuff.

“Online recipes that are 75% uninteresting ramblings about the cooks life and experiences, 20% ads and then finally at the bottom of the page you get the ingredient lists.

Also bonus h**e if they put in a bullet point list halfway through to get you to stop scrolling thinking you’ve reached the ingredient list.”

6. Move it!

“Someone standing with their cart in the middle of the grocery aisle making it impossible to squeeze past them either in front of or behind them.”

7. Held up.


Especially when you hit a slow down and at the end of the slow down, there was no accident, lane closure, or anything that should’ve stopped traffic.”

8. Lame.

“Half of the s**t people seem to do for Tiktoks these days.

Setting up little scenes, pranks, staged s**t, and dances in public.

I know this is very “old man yells at cloud” of me.”

9. What took you so long?

“Doctors being late.

I understand that sometimes it is impossible to be on time, but when you are the first patient of the day and you have to wait half an hour…. I get possessed.”

10. Ugh!

“When someone leave 0:02 on the microwave so I have to reset it first and then cook my meal.

I want to pop it in, press 1, and walk away but no, now I have these extra steps because the knob who went before me couldn’t wait 2 literal seconds.”

11. Where do I start…?

“Youtube playing the same unskipable 30 second ad every 45 seconds of a 15 minute video.

When you order Coke, but “Is Pepsi okay?”

I’m 6’3″ so a shopping trip consists of me constantly reaching things for people.

The toilet paper dispenser at my job dispenses 1 sheet at a time.

Microwave dinners that have to be stirred.”

12. Infuriating.

“When people out on a hiking trail are blasting their music through a portable speaker.

I came out to nature to enjoy nature, not your latest banger.

S**t is just selfish. Wear headphones.”

Are there little things that absolutely drive you mad?

If so, tell us about them in the comments.

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