What Have You Slowly Lost All Respect For? Here’s How People Responded.

I’m not gonna name any names, but there are some bands that I used to love with all my heart when I was younger and when I look at what they’re doing now, it honestly makes me kind of sad.

But that’s just my humble opinion…

What have you slowly lost all respect for?

Check out what AskReddit users had to say about this.

1. Used to be there…

“Company loyalty.

I had only been at my first post- college job a year when they had layoffs. But they didn’t get rid of the new person, they fired my coworker who had just celebrated her 15 year work anniversary. They didn’t even do it in a dignified way and the way she sobbed while packing up her things is burned into my memory.

Now I don’t think twice when a better opportunity pops up. I doubled my income when I left that place and went to the next. There’s no reason to stick around a job any longer than it serves you because your job won’t think twice about getting rid of you to save a few bucks.”

2. Gaming.

“AAA gaming industry.

I never thought I’d give up AAA titles but these companies seem to WANT less customers each year.”

3. Scary.

“The military forces in my country in Latin America.

They are criminals in uniform.”

4. Over it.

“”Grind culture.”

I’m so over the concept of working myself to d**th but I still kind of do it.

Also yes, I’m in no way special in this regard and basic survival is a thing too.”

5. Interesting.

“EA sports / FIFA games.

They just exploit children now and have found a loophole which means children are getting hooked on gambling. They make as much money through FUT than selling the actual game and it’s immoral and wrong.

Especially when you see the game has coding built into it to make them buy more and more packs and the game will make them miss shots etc as they know if they lost that match they’re more likely to buy more packs, etc.”

6. A big one.


The company itself, not their creators or their output.”

7. Movements.

“Overly inclusive movements because they just end up being giant echo chambers on Twitter/Reddit/FB and the like.

They eventually go from “be aware of x, and accept y” to “I will dox you if you say even a slightly neutral thing about y”. Like I get it, being aware of, and accepting everyone is important in this mental health crisis we call the 2020’s, but there is a line between informing people, and going full on join or d**.

This era of acceptance has ironically made the world less inclusive because people trying to spread awareness keep projecting their beliefs onto people and being obscenely prejudiced, only after the fact wondering why no one is inclusive.

A great example is Latinx, started as a means to promote acceptance, but turned into a bunch of idiotic non Spanish (or any language with grammatical gender) speakers trying to uproot a huge part of an entire language because its “not inclusive enough” and screaming at people who just default to latino because that’s what they have always done.”

8. Can’t bear it.

“Organized religion.

Am a Chrisitian and was a dedicated member of my large church throughout childhood and adulthood. Volunteered there in several capacities. Managed to shrug off some moderate s**ual harassment by one person as being an outlier, seeing priests come and go, some dedicated, others less so, saw the infighting and in some case staggering incompetence and it all fell under life’s rich tapestry for me.

Until the systematic hounding and a**se of one member of clergy by the others led to this person’s breakdown. They were suspended for several years. Eventually vindicated through the courts but…I’m done. I’ll never worship there, or probably anywhere, again.

It’s been a huge loss to me in the last few years but the whole set up stinks of hypocrisy and I can’t bear it.”

9. Pretty bad.

“The US medical system.

The personnel are fantastic but the system is just so so flawed.”

10. It’s not all black and white.

“People who get all tribal about politics.

You shouldn’t be blindly following either side.

It’s okay to have nuanced opinions!”

11. Big money.


I used to marvel at their genius and wonder how long until billionaires solved all the world’s problems single handedly. They could fix the environment, end world hungry, provide universal healthcare, affordable public transport, cheap energy….

Then it dawned on me that all these problems exist as a direct by-product of letting people amass unlimited wealth. And that it would never, ever be in their (financial) interest to solve them.”

12. NFL.

“The NFL.

It started with the completely transparent war they waged against the New England Patriots.

First, the down-field rule book was torn up completely, as Pats Cs and Ss we mugging opposing WRs too effectively, so they made hand-fighting a pass interference penalty. This had NOTHING to do with safety or fairness. It was simply about stymieing a team that was doing things better than their opponents.

Meanwhile, the NFL was fighting ex-players tooth and nail in the courts. They did everything they could to keep old brain injured players out of their billionaire pockets. That’s disgusting s**t right there.

Next, we’re back to the Patriots and now we’ll talk about the witch hunt BS that resulted in the video and ball deflating “scandals”. EVERYONE was still recording opponents practice sessions, which was common knowledge. The ball deflating s**t is even more pathetic.

Before that, every QB in the game did their own thing with the ball. Aaron Rogers came right out and said he preferred his balls over-inflated…like 2 days after the story broke. Just using another BS technicality to screw over a team with the same salary cap and free agent obstacles as everyone else.

Finally, and most importantly their handling of players’ violence toward women. Their attempt to disregard savage assaults on wives, gfs and other women, should have resulted in serious consequences. The only ones whose careers are affected at all, are the guys near the end of their careers.

Tyreek Hill was my last straw. That POS should never have been drafted, considering his domestic assault history in college. Surprise, surprise he’s still in the game after multiple criminal assault incidents, including his very young child.

I haven’t watched a game in two years and don’t miss it.”

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