What Jobs Are Underpaid Or Overpaid? Here’s What People Had To Say.

I know I’m probably preaching to the choir here, but man, there are so many jobs out there that are underpaid AND overpaid.

You know that’s the truth!

And today we’re gonna hear from AskReddit users about which jobs they think fall into those categories.

Take a look!

1. A hot take.

“Administrators at Colleges/Universities.

Seems like more and more administrators are added to run schools like a business when they should be run as a school.”

2. I built that!

“Underpaid: Carpenters.

We build the god**mn houses and often make less then the realtor that puts a listing up in 20 mins and waits for the phone to ring.”

3. Definitely.

“Underpaid: grad students working for the university as TAs/GAs, as well as most non-tenured professors.

Grad students make d**n near poverty level money while teaching undergrad classes or working their a** off in a professors lab AND going to school full time for a graduate level degree.

And unless you’re tenure track, don’t even think about going into academia. Many places you’ll make less than or on par with k-12 teachers (also underpaid). All in the name of “putting in your time/paying your dues”.

Oh and don’t get attached to where you live bc you don’t really get to pick; the job market is over saturated as the old heads sit comfy with their tenure and you go wherever you can find a pos-doc, then move again after that most likely for hopefully a job as a professor in tenure track (probably not though).”

4. Not fair.

“Microbiology/Biotechnology Lab Technicians.

I got two degrees to get this job and I’m paid less than an Amazon warehouse employee.”

5. Wow.

“I got $15.50 for a group home manager position.

My manager made 84k a year. I’m the one right under her in this job. They started people at 11 bucks an hour.

This was 2 years ago, and you could make 16 dollarinos an hour at burger king at the time.”

6. I didn’t know that.

“Pharm Techs are underpaid.

Pharm techs manage the prescription inventory if they are low or out of stock, are constantly busy and always have to deal with angry customers and people who are at their wits end because of gaps in insurance coverage or non receipt of prescription.

At CVS, when I worked there, you got paid 14-16 based on getting certified now its 16-18. At least they noticed.”

7. Have to deal with a lot.

“Fast food service workers.

They’re underpaid as hell considering the stuff they have to deal with.”

8. Insane.


Pays less than McDonalds presently, requires school to do and usually has rough hours. Physically demanding, psychologically difficult… the list goes on.”

9. All true.

“Is there anyone who doesn’t think a CEO is overpaid? Like there are CEO’s making 200 times the salary of their employees.

For pharmaceutical companies it’s even worse because the CEO’s usually get bonuses/higher salaries when they increase revenue and not increasing costs.

Which leads them to price gouge so their pills go up 300% in price over the course of a decade…without the pill actually becoming better or more effective, just deciding to make it cost more so the CEO gets their bonus.

CEO’s are disgustingly overpaid.

And then teachers are horribly underpaid.”

10. Let’s get real.

“Overpaid: management consultant.

I’m 25 and make $250K. That’s ignoring incredible benefits too like no premium health insurance, profit share, etc. It’s wild. There are people at my firm between 25-30 that make well over $1M a year.

The work is tough and you need to be extremely intelligent and hard working to get in, but man. My output is not worth $250K a year.”

11. Could be…

“Hear me out, doctors are underpaid.

Think about it, coming out of college they will have probably about 500k in student loans (America of course) and for their first few years they will be living paycheck to paycheck.”

12. Total BS.

“Administrative staff (Principal, Vice Principal, Etc.) in public schools earn a ridiculous salary, usually somewhere above $110k, while teachers actually teaching the classes on average earn sub $55k.

It’s legitimately bonkers. It is almost common practice in the industry to attempt to work in administrative during the last three years you are employed to boost your pension, as that is typically what your pension will be based off of, often doubling pension amounts.”

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