What Hygiene Tips and Tricks Should Everyone Know About? Here’s What People Said.

Let’s get healthy, shall we?

We shall!

I think we can all agree that any kind of advice that will benefit our health and our lives is a GREAT thing and we need to listen attentively.

And that’s what we’re gonna do today.

AskReddit users shared hygiene tips that they think we should all know about.

Let’s get smart!

1. Don’t ignore it.

“Don’t ignore a toothache.

Abscesses can lead to sepsis that’ll destroy your whole body.

Take care of those luxury bones!”

2. Clean it up.

“Washing my hairbrush.

I used to just get rid of the excess hair but that was it: I never rinsed it out.

I wash it in a mild soap solution and rinse in very hot water and it makes my hair smell so much better.”

3. Come on, people…

“Floss your teeth. If not daily, at least a couple of times a week.

Why? Go floss them & smell that floss. That sewage smell?

It’s from the food rotting between your teeth.”

4. They get nasty.

“Occasionally wipe down your doorknobs and light switches.

When I was a maid I’d clean people’s light switches and they’d be covered is brown gunk because they’d never been cleaned before.

They get nasty.”

5. Yes!


Anti-bacterial wipe, all over that fu**er.”

6. Pay attention to your feet.

“Wash you feet!

Most people I know seem to believe their feet magically become clean from having soapy water run down them while they are showering. That is NOT the case! You really need to wash your feet. Also a good idea to take a pumice or foot file to calluses and use a hard nail brush for toenails.

Keeping your feet clean will prevent a lot of problems, particularly with fungus. Funguses live and thrive on d**d skin cells so if you have toenail fungus you will have a really hard time getting rid of it till you get rid of d**d skin around the nails!”

7. Pro tip.

“I dont know why I did it, but I recently started adding a splash of distilled white vinegar in the washing machine when doing laundry.

My clothes come out smelling so fresh and soft and seem to be visibly cleaner and more vibrant so now I’m hooked. I’m not a big guy but I run very hot and sweat a lot, I always had issues with “stank” seemingly getting locked into my clothes (specifically shirt pits) after they got about a month old. The vinegar really seems to help keep my clothes fresh for longer.

Also, regularly wash your towels, pillow cases AND pillows, bed sheets, and the comforter. I think you’d be surprised by how much oil, bacteria, and general filth build up on your bed sheets and such.”

8. Not good for you.

“Don’t take super long hot showers.

It’s not good for your skin , especially if you have acne. And if you keep the temperature at a constant warm (instead of turning it a little hotter every few minutes like i used to do) you’ll find it easier to get out of the shower and escape the warmth meaning you won’t waste so much water.”

9. You know it!

“Brush the roof of your mouth.

It’s just as important as brushing the tongue.”

10. Top down.

“Wash your hair first, and move from the top down in the shower.

If you wash your body and then wash your hair, all the grime and dirt from your hair will wash down over your clean body, which will thusly defeat the purpose of washing your body.

Top down.”

11. Timing is everything.

“I don’t think a lot of people realize that deodorant should be applied after you bathe as opposed to when you are getting ready to leave.

It’s best to apply right after drying off.”

12. Amen!

“Showering at night before sleeping is way better than in the morning.

1. You don’t bring dirt from outside into your sheets.

2. The level of comfort sleeping right after shower is mind blowing.”

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