What Insult Did Your Parents Say to You That Still Sticks in Your Head? People Shared Their Stories.

People never forget some things

Especially when they hear bad things from their parents when they’re growing up.

And today we’re going to hear from AskRedddit users about insults they heard from their parents that still stick with them.

Take a look at what they had to say.

Now you know why…

““You’re so annoying.”

Said to me as a young kid while I was expressing enthusiasm over some new interest.

Later my father complains I never tell him anything.”

Thanks, Mom.

“My little brother was drowning, I tried to save him but also almost drowned, we got rescued by a neighbour.

My mom told me that they should’ve left me in the pond. I haven’t spoken to her in many years.”


“”You can’t even laugh right.”

My mom in a weird moment I thought we were bonding.

There’s something inherently extra evil when someone tells you your joy is wrong.”

Just like your father…

“She told me I was acting just like my father when I would get upset. I would just get kinda p**sy and sulk.

He would go on rampages and scream and hit and throw things. He pushed her down the stairs once. I would never lay a finger on my current partner. The worst part is I look just like him.

I was wondering if my mother always expected me to turn into my dad. I prove her wrong every day.”


“When I was ~10 years old, my mum once said “If I could go back in time and make sure I never gave birth to you, I would in a heartbeat”

Never forgot it. Talked to her a about it a couple of times years later and her responses ranged from “That never happened” to “oh yeah and I suppose I’m just the worst mother ever” and finally “yeah but I didn’t mean it, you know that”.”

Harsh words.

““You’re the biggest mistake I ever made.”

My mother when I was 5.

I’m 32 now and it’s been the undercurrent for our relationship ever since, constantly wondering if anything I’ve achieved or struggled for is something she’s genuinely proud of or just relieved to say I wasn’t a total failure on her part.”


“I was an only child and lonely.

When I asked for a sibling, the response was “if you want to know why we don’t have more kids, go look in the mirror”.”

What a jerk.

“”You sound like a pig under a gate.”

I was ~10 and working to expand my vocal range. To this day, I stop singing when others are around.

The one that lives rent free though is, “now, find someone else to take care of you.” Thanks for the help, I guess.”


“Mom was talking to dad about me while I was right there. I was b**lied in high school and it had an effect on my grades. While discussing my education she said:

“Look at him. Can’t you see there’s nothing in there? Just look at how he sits there. He can’t do this. He’s not capable of more. This is it. He’s nothing.”

It gave me a drive and motivation. It also gave me a constant need to prove myself.”

Being compared.

“My dad always used to call me stupid. And compare my sister to me. She had better grades.

To this day, now 35, I am still working on proving him wrong. He doesn’t even remember or care anymore. It’s now solely my problem.”

Aim high.

“I come from a small town.

My sister and I both attended college. We were at a family gathering and I heard my mom tell someone, “the kids are doing just fine. Neither one has been to jail!”

Gee thanks mom. Way to set the bar high on that one.”

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