What Is Much More Dangerous Than Most People Realize? Let’s Check Out the Responses.

I feel like if we really, truly knew about all the dangers lurking outside our front door, we’d never leave the house again, because the world is a scary place!

And that’s why I’m kind of scared to read these responses…

Hey, I’m just being honest here, people!

What’s more dangerous than people realize?

Here’s what folks had to say on AskReddit.

1. Poverty.

“Being poor. You can’t afford basic health care basic dental basic decent anything and your health pays for it.

Not going to the dentist can k**l you. Not being able to afford medication can k**l you. Not being able to afford a day off to rest when you’re feeling bad.

Being broke doesn’t just suck because you can’t do “fun stuff ” being broke sucks because you have to choose between your health and your immediate well being. And hard work alone won’t lift you out of that d**dly negative cycle.”

2. Dangerous.

“Untreated sleep apnea. You literally stop breathing, and get little quality sleep. The stress on your cardiovascular system is immense.

Get tested. Period. Then wear the CPAP no matter how uns**y it is. Or maybe surgery to eliminate or reduce the problem.”

3. Withdrawal.

“I quit drinking. Been an EMT for a while and work with a lot of the homeless population.

Will gets calls for people who decided today is the day to finally quit drinking and do it cold turkey. As soon as the next morning people can present with delirium tremens, severe withdrawals can induce seizures and can also lead to d**th.

A lot of these people will think because they quit hard drugs like heroin or meth cold turkey alcohol would be the same without knowing the major effects it can have on your health.”

4. Yowza!

“Penile Fracture – if this happens to you do not hesitate to get medical help. 12 weeks ago this happened to me. The tissue that fills with blood and makes the p**is erect can fracture when impacted awkwardly.

Bend at 45 degs and a huge hematoma and swelling. I went the ED and after the poor student doctor saw it, I was rushed into hospital. I was informed if it wasn’t surgically fixed it could mean necrosis and removal!

The surgical procedure involved de-gloving the p**is, removing the hematoma, stitching up the fractured tissue under the skin and then stitching the skin back on.

Still having nerve pain not mention the effect it’s had on our s** life.”

5. Ridiculous.

“A Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) gives people a figure reminiscent of the Kardashians and is hugely popular for getting that instagram body.

But a paper in the Aesthetic Surgery Journal found that 1 in 3,000 BBLs resulted in d**th, making it the world’s most dangerous cosmetic procedure!”

6. OMG.

“A hangnail.

Yes. Seriously. I had a hangnail once. It got infected. It became swollen and inflamed. The swelling sealed it shut, the abscess became worse, I went to urgent care. They took one look at my finger, and sent me to the ER.

I was becoming septic. I spend about 36 hours in the hospital, then home for 2 months of antibiotics. I could have d**d.”

7. Absolutely.

“Throwing a single punch.

Here in Australia it’s been criminalized because fights in pubs and clubs are pretty common. The single punch isn’t what causes injury, but falling to the ground and hitting their head on the curb can k**l, especially since drunk people usually don’t have the capacity to soften their fall.

Think twice before you risk losing/taking a life over losing your pride for a night.”

8. Gotta take it easy.

“Acetaminophen. It’s rough on your liver in large doses.

I know a lot of people who ignore the recommended dose and pop them like they are skittles for pain.

This is incredibly dangerous.”

9. Don’t do it!

“Eating a slug. Obviously it’s nasty, but kids do stupid s**t as dares or even in hazing rituals.

Slugs contain parasites that will get into your brain and f**king k**l you slowly.”

10. Get your sleep!

“Lack of sleep.

Increased risk of basically everything you can think of, not to mention that accidents are far more common when you’re tired.

The less sleep you get, the shorter your life-span.”

11. Painful.

“I had a tooth abscess at 21 that I didn’t get treated until I was 28 due to a fear of the dentist, by that point it was a root canal and an extraction and I now have a section of my jaw missing.

Get it early and avoid this s**t.”

12. Grapefruits are WEIRD.

“Grapefruit can affect the way your medications work, giving you MORE than you need.

Yeah, with some meds, adding grapefruit screws up the way your body metabolizes the drug, so you end up with far more than the prescribed dosage.

It can also work in the opposite way with other drugs, leaving you with less than the prescribed dosage.

This is especially bad if you have high blood pressure or arrhythmia.”

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