What Is Something That Feels Illegal, but Isn’t? People Weighed in on This Question.

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Some things just feel…wrong. Do you know what I’m saying?

Yeah you do!

We all have those feelings inside that make us feel like we’re doing something illegal, when we know we’re not at all.

Here’s what AskReddit users had to say about this question.

1. Time to plead your innocence.

“A cop pulling up behind you when you’re driving.

Especially if you aren’t doing anything wrong.”

2. That’s just crazy!

“Escape from prison, in many countries(Mexico Sweden and more) escaping from prison is not illegal, only if you hurt someone on the way you can be a charge.”

3. Feeling guilty.

“Walking out of the store without buying.

Big stores I don’t mind. Walmart or the grocery store? Doesn’t bother me.

But small, personal stores? Yes, I hate doing that.”

4. Sounds shady to me.

“A member of Congress can run a campaign entirely funded by corporate political action committees, use that money to pay off rivals to get elected and once elected, write laws that help these donors and even buy stock in them to benefit from their own legislation.

No laws broken. Feels pretty illegal.”

5. Smoke ’em if you got ’em!

“Smoking weed in your own home in Denver.”

6. This is really bad.


It actually is unconstitutional but it’s unenforceable until the term can be properly legally defined to distinguish what is or isn’t gerrymandering.

There’s lots of very smart people working on this, hopefully using a percentage of difference between vote outcomes and individual votes will be the thing that takes it down, but you’ll need a progressive SCOTUS to accomplish this.”

7. Breakin’ the law! Not really…

“Right on red.

As a foreigner this feels so wrong, but I do love the concept.”

8. This is mine?

“The day you leave the hospital with your first baby.

Yeah I was like, what they’re really just letting me take this kid home? What the fuck is wrong with these people!?”

9. Sneaking a drink.

“Parents allowing a “taste of wine” (or liquor) to their own children at home for special family occasions.

I grew up like this. Us kids could have, if we wanted, a small glass of wine on special occasions (turkey day, holidays, NYE).

My parents were of the belief that this was how Europe did it and that it prevented that teenager boozing it up all the time thing. The thinking is if booze is normal growing up, you don’t get the ‘push to feel adult and do the things you were forbidden’ because, well, it wasn’t forbidden.

For me and my sibs, it worked. I drink by far the most booze, which is maybe 1 drink a week on average. Sometimes I’ll go on ‘benders’ where I have like three drinks a night, or weeks where I’ll have one drink each night. I’ve witnessed my brother drinking alcohol twice in my adult life, and my sister never.

The few times I’ve gotten drunk, I discovered I don’t get hangovers, but I’m a big guy, it takes a lot of money to get drunk. (Pot is thus my drug of choice; a little goes a long, long way, even now that I smoke it more frequently).

Of course, it might also have to do with the fact that our father was alc*holic and we all wanted to buck the “you’re twice as likely to be an alc*holic if your parent was” statistics.”

10. Nothing to see here.

“Staring at security cameras for too long aswell as glancing at them then quickly looking away.”

11. Like a rebel.

“Opening and taking a sip out of your drink while waiting to pay for it in line.”

12. What’s your business out here?

“Driving around at night makes me feel sketchy for some reason.”

13. You tried to refuse.

“Getting paid by an old woman for doing a job, you say no but they keep insisting.”

14. Oh Canada!

“Smoking pot in public

Still getting used to that. My entire life we had to be sneaky.

I’m a Canadian over 45.”

15. We all do it…

“Taking more than one sample at the store.”

There’s some TRUTH in those responses, I’ll tell you that much.

Now we want to hear from all of you out there.

What do you think feels illegal, but really isn’t?

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