What Is Wrongly Perceived as a Sign of Low Intelligence? Here’s What People Had to Say.

It’s pretty amazing when you realize who is smart and who isn’t too bright after you end up spending some time with them.

Because first impressions are wrong a lot of the time and some folks who are loud, boisterous, and think they know everything turn out to be the ones who really aren’t very intelligent.

And, on the other hand, people who are quiet and don’t say much might come off as dull or dumb but they actually turn out to be brilliant.

You never know!

And today we’re going to hear from AskReddit users about things they think are wrongly perceived as signs of low intelligence.

1. THIS.

“Being wrong.

I’m wrong all the time.

What’s actually a mark of stupidity is being wrong and then not having the humility to just say “ok” and learn from it.

Being ok with being wrong is the foundation of all science.

People that can never be wrong are insecure dipshits. It’s an instant dealbreaker.”

2. That’s all it is.

“Autism and ADHD present with symptoms that make people think you’re dumb.

Really, you’re just socially awkward, trying really hard but overshot and/or couldn’t properly process the task.”

3. Not great with words.

“Not being articulate. Some people are really smart, just not with words.

I know someone like this. She always used to not be able to answer questions in class well but got some of the highest grades and her writing was impeccable.

Spoken discourse isn’t a lot of people’s strong suits, and that’s not a bad thing.”

4. Absolutely.

“Being quiet.

Not saying something doesn’t mean they don’t have anything to say.”

5. A big one.

“People who work in labor.

It takes another level of skill and intelligence to build things well.

Many people with high educations wouldn’t even be able to do it right.”

6. Agreed!

“Lack of education. Intelligence is not the same as educated.

You can be an uneducated yet highly intelligent person. On the flip side, you can also have a great education and still be dumb as a stump.”

7. Can’t help it.


My God it makes you do and say some really dumb stuff that any person looking in just regards as idiotic, but in that moment, you’re either panicking like f**k or are stressing out so hard you cannot think rationally.”

8. Cursing like a sailor.


That’s despite studies actually indicating those who swear more often, tend to actually have higher levels of intelligence.”

9. You know this is true.

“Certain accents.

People from the southern US or New York City can be viewed as ignorant just because of the way they speak.”

10. It’s a good idea!

“Going to community college.

Everyone I’ve ever told that I started at community college has said it was a super smart decision.”

11. Doesn’t mean s**t.

“People seem to think if you are rich with a good job you must be smart.

Generally speaking I’ve only met one rich person I would consider smart.

The rest? Ooooooof. I seriously wonder how some of them passed grade school.”

12. Be kind.


Periodically seen as a sign of low intelligence and weakness, but is in fact a sign of strength, intelligence, and thoughtfulness.”

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