What Is Your Happiest Memory? Here’s How People Responded.

Life sure is beautiful, isn’t it?

Yes, there is a lot of pain and many peaks and valleys, but there is so much to be thankful for and so many great memories that it really is a gift.

And most of us have a lot of great memories from years gone by.

Let’s get happy with people on AskReddit.

1. Family is everything.

“The day I met every one of my baby siblings. I’m the oldest male of 11. Life was a b*tch.

I was the only abused child but we all had it rough. The only thing that ever kept me going was my siblings.

Each and everyone of them changed my life the first day they were born and I held them.”

2. School days.

“I always loved elementary school.

Specifically after school, my mom and I would walk across the street from my school to go to the cafe near by. I would do my homework or she would read to my brothers and I, it was just a nice way to wind down after school.”

3. The last night.

“The last night before me and my childhood friend group parted ways.

It was the night before most of us left our country to go to school
on different continents.

We all went our separate ways within the next few days and we still try our best to keep in touch but it’s heartbreaking.

But we spent that entire night reminiscing and laughing so hard. I swear I haven’t laughed or been as happy since that night.”

4. A lot of fun.

“Band trips to football games and on trips for contests.

It was so much fun.”

5. Pure joy.

“I have a memory of chasing my little sister around the house, she was like 2 and we were laughing so hard.

Pure joy!

I do like to think that the happiest is yet to come, and that is merely the happiest so far.”

6. Up in the air.

“Jumping into my grandfather’s arms and he threw me into the air.

He died when I was young, so this is my only memory of him, but it makes me so happy I have it.”

7. Missing Mom.

“I think my happiest memory was when I was in 6th grade. My mom was very sick from cancer, but she put up a good fight for 2 years.

She told me one night when I was having a fit, that we could go to Disney world in Florida. And while she was doing that, she was also calming me down by patting my back and rubbing my head.

That was probably the happiest memory of her, because shortly after that her cancer went really downhill, and she ended up passing away about 7 months later.

I miss her every day, and i know she can see the man that I’ve become today. Miss you mom.”

8. A great concert.

“My dad, who sadly passed away a few year back, took me to see Fleetwood Mac in DC.

It was an obstructed view of the stage but I could actually see backstage, and watching Christine McVie and Stevie Nicks running around was so cool.

So yeah, eating a Mr. Goodbar with my dad seeing Lindsay Buckingham rock out is something I’ll cherish forever!”

9. Weekend trip.

“When I studied abroad in South Korea, my new friends and I went on a weekend trip to Busan.

We drank a lot, ate delicious food, danced and sang, got lost walking to temples, even jumped off a waterfall.

But best of all, we laughed a lot together.”

10. The world made sense.

“When I held my niece for the first time, the world finally seemed to make sense.

I know that sounds a bit dramatic, but these past couple years have been really, indescribably difficult.

She kept me going though despite having just been born and being about 1,000 miles away.”

11. A huge meeting.

“Meeting my biological parents they showed me what a mothers hug really feels like and how stupid a dad joke really is.

These are things my adoptive parents never did glad to say I don’t miss them because I now live with my real mom and dad.”

12. Lessons from Dad.

“My Dad teaching me how to maintain and fix my car.

I miss doing stuff like that with him so much, sadly he now has Alzheimer’s and only recognizes me on good days.”

13. Great times.

“I remember being very young and my Grandfather teaching me to play Go Fish and Old Maid card games on the back porch.

He was a really kind soul.

I also remember catching waves with my Dad and naming them all sorts of crazy things on the Jersey shore.”

What’s your happiest memory?

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