20 People Muse on the One Thing They Think Could Make Them Truly Happy

True happiness is an elusive thing. Is it about personal satisfaction? Security? Relationships? All three?

It can mean so many things, and different stuff to different people, which is why – even though people over the centuries have certainly tried – there’s no recipe to make it happen across the board.

These 20 people are giving it the old college try, though, and some of them even seem to be on the right track.

20. Godspeed.

I literally just need to have balance. Meaning I have depression and anxiety.

I used to take medicine for that and it helped a lot but so much crap has happened this year to where I don’t have it right now.

I really feel that once I am back on that sh%t, my life would be a hell of a lot better.

19. Fake it ’til you make it?

I have it. I AM happy.

18. Getting old is a bear.

A good way to fix a herniated disk, to be able to walk without a limp would be a blessing (‘: hopefully a couple more months of therapy helps!

17. I mean.

Big ol bag of weed.

Money cant buy happiness, but it can buy weed and that’s pretty close.

16. Some people are simple creatures.

Some gogo squeezes, a computer with fl studio on it, and a comfy chair.

15. A catch 22.

I am pretty happy with my life, but I’d love to have my mental health back without meds….I’m sure they’re why I’m happy though.

Oh, and world peace.

14. It’s a good start.

Losing the weight and getting my career job would be a big start.

I wouldn’t say I’m not happy though, just not fulfilled.

13. Oof that’s rough.

Enough money not to worry about my parents’ retirement.

12. “Only.”

only an extra 40k a year.

11. Sometimes that’s all you need.

Right now, some days in a camp near a beach, would be perfect.

10. Family is everything.

Before, I would have said a lot of money, and would have been fine if that arrived in years down the road. Now, I still say a lot of money, but more immediately, because this really hinges on the lives of me and my siblings.

9. Is time travel a thing?

i’d be a lot warmer and a lot happier with a belly full of mead.

8. The internet connection is a must.

I often consider myself a simple guy.

The things I wish for is a reasonable income to cover my expenses and some savings for future, a good furnished place to live in a calm neighborhood and a fast internet connection to get my entertainment and information.

7. I’d say this could go either way.

A girlfriend.

6. Hopefully a good one.

Definitely a job at this point.

I’ve been out of work save for some freelancing since I got my Masters, and the freelance work dried up in March (turns out there’s not a lot of call for transporting and hanging artwork for corporate and institutional clients during a pandemic)

5. There’s always another rung on the ladder.

Little more money in my salary and a woman that genuinely loves me.

I’m sure once I get those I’ll start to want something else though.

4. Mowing is the worst.

If I could get my house completely paid off and turn my front lawn into something I don’t have to mow, that’d be it.

3. That sounds lovely.

Music, nice cup of hot chocolate and my family.

2. Not too much to ask.

I’m already happy. What would I need to feel comfortable?

Universal healthcare.

My child’s health / happiness. Which is tied in with universal healthcare.

And a job I really enjoyed.

1. If you want to get technical.

A decent mix of serotonin, dopamine, oxytocin, and endorphins would help.

I’m not saying money would do the trick, but enough money could certainly relieve a lot of depression and anxiety in the world.

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