What Jobs Allow For Absolutely No Screw-Ups? Here’s What People Said.

Do you think you have what it takes to perform a high-stress job where you can’t mess up AT ALL?

It definitely takes a certain personality to pull it off…and I’m NOT one of those people.

Sure, I’ve worked in busy kitchens and worked long hours, but there’s no way I’d be able to be a brain surgeon or work in the space program, or something…too much pressure!

Let’s hear from folks on AskReddit about what jobs definitely don’t allow screw-ups.

1. No, thanks.

“Those underwater welders that have to deal with that delta-p variable while they’re repairing underwater pipes.

They can literally get sucked into a hole the size of a golf ball.”

2. Can’t mess up.

“I knew a guy who worked on a nuclear aircraft carrier.

He said if anyone showed up to work on the reactor d**nk, they beat them up.”

3. Never thought of that.

“Utilities locators!

I work in public works and we were called in for a water main break one night. We called J.U.L.I.E and had them send out two guys to start locating and marking all the power and gas lines. They finished up and we started digging. An hour went by and we’re using a backhoe, a vac truck and climbing around the hole looking for the break, etc.

This dude’s boss comes out and said that the guys missed a few things. He starts painting stuff out, most notably, a huge ass power line that was half a foot from where we already dug.

He then tells us “yeah, there’s so much power in this line that if you had hit it someone would have definitely d**d. That new guy is a f**king idiot.” Ahhh nothing gives me confidence in a locate company like knowing they missed the most important wire that would have instantly k**led us.”

4. The machine.

“Printing press operator.

I notice doctors, judges, lawyers, politicians can all f**k up their jobs and keep them because “they’re so important”, but nothing protects you from getting fired with one mistake on a single press job even if you have years of experience because…you’re just replaceable to whoever is willing to get paid dirt to run a machine that will k**l them if operated wrong.”

5. A lot of pressure.

“CPS worker.

You f**k up and make the wrong decision, either a kid d**s or you rip apart a family for no good reason.

It’s a lot of stress for a 22 year old to handle.”

6. Big money.

“Bloomberg terminal subscription people.

They had an employee release a mistake in financial info to subscribers once for like 3 seconds before it was removed and the employee was instantly fired.

People trade so much money based on their info that even to release bad info for a second could cost millions for those trading on that bad info.”

7. Be careful.

“Forklift driver.

Till this day I will never forget what I did.

If you think being forklift certified is cool and you can brag to your friends, just wait until something happens to you or to your co-workers.

8mph forklifts, easy 180 and 360 degree turns.

Just be careful of what your doing, either its outside or inside. Just be careful.”

8. That’s not good.

“Wedding photographer.

Back before digital I knew a wedding photographer who grabbed the wrong film back and shot most of the wedding with no film in the camera. He didn’t realize it until the formal ceremonies were over.

It made for an embarrassing conversation and a big lawsuit. It destroyed his career.”

9. All of these.

“Look at the top jobs with the highest occupational fatality rates.

Deep sea fishing, Line men ( power lines) , Lumberjacks , Semi truck drivers, Roofers, Steel workers , Construction , Garbage handlers / recycling workers, Aviation

You make mistakes in any of these, you have a pretty bad day.”

10. Oops.

“Server handling sensitive data.

I sent a medical confidential file to wrong client.

Company ended up paying millions in damages and me losing my job.”

11. Hollywood.

“Lots of people in film have very small margins of error.

Like the recent Alec Baldwin thing, armorers, propmasters and stunt coordinators have lives on the line.

A bad director filming a s** scene or scene with children can psychologically torment or scar actors.

Even a focus puller could cost a production millions of dollars if unusable footage makes an unexpected reshoot necessary.”

12. Stressful.

“Funeral Director.

There are no rehearsals, you only get one chance to deliver a trouble free funeral service.

I suffered more stress here than attending building fires!”

What jobs do you think allow for no screw-ups?

Let us know in the comments.

Thanks a lot!