What Legal Thing Are You Addicted To? Here’s What People Had to Say.

Man, I think I have too many to name…

Coffee, pizza, tacos, unsweetened iced tea (I live in the South so I have to be very clear about that…).

Yes, they’re legal, but I probably overdo it with those items…

What legal thing are you addicted to?

AskReddit users went on the record and spilled their guts…

1. Oh, boy…

“The praise and approval of others.

I’ve worked hard to hide this fact, but it’s definitely an issue.”

2. That’s good stuff.

“Going back to sleep after I wake up.

Turning off your alarm and then laying back down is a very dangerous game.”

3. A lot of fun.


Specifically sorting the pieces into categories.

I can’t get enough.”

4. Addicted.

“Using cotton swabs in my ears.

I know it pushes earwax in deeper, but it just feels so good.”

5. To each their own.

“Beat Saber. I’m a 44 year old dad. On my second game ever I almost scored a perfect on a “hard” level, missing only three blocks. I’ve been hooked ever since.

I’ve been mock sword fighting with a renfair group since I was a teen, so I think that might have something to do with it.”

6. Oh, nice!

“Laying around and never getting anything done.

My dream is to be horizontal most of the time.”

7. I’m with you.

“Spicy food, it tastes so good.

This is scientifically backed. The man (smokin Ed) who bred the Carolina Reaper is an ex addict and used the endorphins/addictive qualities of hot foods to get him off hard drugs.

He’s a huge advocate for it.”

8. Get some help.


I’m a functioning al**holic.

Help me please.”

9. Feeling shame.

“My phone.

Anyone else feel ashamed when they get their “weekly screen time” report?”

10. Go easy with that stuff.


I don’t use Chapstick the brand but Lypsyl cause it’s cheap and Vaseline at home cause it’s bomb.

Chapstick the brand sucks and dries your lips out, I just don’t know what other general term you’d use for the stuff.”

11. Just embrace it.


I can’t stop, and I won’t stop.

Currently, I use a Dyson v7 Cordless Vacuum and it’s hands down my favorite because of the shear force of the suck and no cord to get in your way.”

12. Wild.

“House plants.

I have so so so many houseplants that when friends who haven’t been over before come over, I get a lot of 😳😯😲 faces, followed by intense questioning.

Short version summation: It takes a whole day to check and water everyone. I use 16 gallons of water a week. No, not everyone is watered every week.

Yes, I’ve ki**ed a lot while learning how to houseplant. Idk for sure but close to 400 most likely.”

13. Never heard this before.

“I’m addicted to being addicted to things.

Never the same stuff, but always bouncing from being completely obsessed with something to dropping it for something else.

That feeling of being completely into something and being excited about just learning/doing something new feels amazing.”

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