What Makes a Woman Instantly Attractive? Here’s What Men Had to Say.

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What makes a woman instantly attractive?

Here’s how men responded on AskReddit.



If a girl has a good sense of humor and can make you laugh and also can take a joke, it makes her more approachable and attractive!”

The rundown.

“I’m attracted to shy people because I’m shy.

Also thick thighs and a pretty face.”

Gotta be smart.


Like, just like instant, at-first-sight attraction, yeah, it’s going to be physical characteristics, like legs, eyes, etc, but for much beyond that, their intelligence, ability to have interesting conversation with, and knowledge of the world (politics, history, etc) are the things that hold me and keep me continually interested.”

Excite me!


Like please tell me excitedly about how colour theory is the reason behind marketing success.

I’ll be drooling in a second.”

Nice and straight.

“Great posture.

Great posture can make up for a lot of other physical shortcomings.”

Heart = Melted.

“A warm smile and a little goofiness.

People tend to be very empathetic to women’s emotions, much moreso than most people recognize. A woman with a warm smile has almost a superpower of bringing joy and warmth around her.

Most women though are so scared of being seen as an idiot or being humiliated they stop just short of actually capitalizing on this. Sort of like how guys tend to stop just short of a similar sort of masculine energy that can make them crazy attractive.

My fiancée has one of these. Kid’s, adults it doesn’t matter, they can be having the worst day ever and she can come in and immediately change the energy around them. She never pressures anyone to cheer up, she let’s them do their own thing, but with kids especially you will often see them fighting against a smile because they know they still want to be cranky, but she just made the energy so joyous it’s hard not to smile.

When she does this not only am I just insanely attracted to her but my heart melts SO HARD!”

All about the hair.

“Nicely styled hair of any variety immediately attracts me to anyone regardless of gender.

It shows me that you take your appearance seriously and have a sense of personal style.”


“Being emotionally vulnerable.

It’s not just guys that are cold in this world. Women can be f**king ruthless and mean for no logical reason, not just men. I’m not asking for your life’s sob story on a first date, but I am attracted to people who treat themselves and others like humans – like emotional beings.

None of us like being reserved and cold, but not many are brave/courageous enough to risk being hurt at the possible reward of being connected to others.

It’s not the cold, stoic, “tough” people who are brave. They are often just traumatized and unwilling to process their stuff. It’s the people who can get their shit handled and move on in the world with an even kinder view on others who are brave.

We’ve all been hurt by someone. That doesn’t mean the new people who stumble across you in their journey will do the same. Simultaneously, people you’ve only known for 2 weeks can treat you better than the people you’ve known for 2 decades.

Time means nothing, and not everyone is guilty and worth hating on just because one (or a few) people screwed you over. Being kind is the only way to get connected.”

All of it.

“Intelligence, situational awareness, emotional maturity, compassion/empathy, and a sense of humor.

Yes, these traits are recognizable.”


“Personality is huge.

That includes confidence, self esteem, intelligence, and friendliness. I have known gorgeous women that were ultimately unappealing due to personality issues.

Also, I have met women whose personality made them hot.”

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